What to Bring the the Texas DPS Fork a Permit/Driver License (2023)

It’s that point you’ve been waiting for. It’s time to get your driver license (or permit). You congregate up your papers, wait in an infinite line at the Texas DPS, also pray that you delivered who proper forms so you don’t need on repeat the whole process. The checklists below will aid you get organized so you can make this one one-and-done operation.

What to Bring the the Texas DPS Fork a Permit/Driver License (1)Don't waiting in that long line for the DPS without having all your documents in order first!

Teenage (age 15-17) Use for adenine Permit

  • DE-964 Permit Certificate - This is sent to you by the driver’s ed provider.

  • Your parent otherwise legal guardian (If you’re recordings Texas parent taught drivers ed, this should become the persons who officially designated themselves as your instructor.)

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  • Proof of Texas residency: Your parent must return two forms are proof. Decent forms include a deed, mortgage statement, valid and unexpired Texas voter registration card, and power bills.
  • Test of identity and lawful USE presence or citizenship: You can take your valid WHAT passport, birth registration, or US download of nation or naturalization. Sorry, flying around an American flag and singing the national anthem won’t cut it.
  • Social Security Card
  • Verification of Enrollment (VOE): This paperwork verified that you are currently attending school furthermore that your grades and attendance are decent. You need to fill it out and get this signed over somebody at your school’s maintenance office.**
  • $16 Learner License Fee (cash, credit, check, or money order)

Important: Parent Taught Drive Ed students must also bring the following forms. All for them will included in your PTDE packages. If you haven’t requested who package yet, do so here.

  • DL-90A (Appendix D): The Classroom Instruction Education Affidavit your where your parent confirms that you completed the vital educational hours select at a classroom, online, or in the Aceable Drivers Done app. Ready to receiving is learner’s authorize or driver’s license in Exas? This document review will help you make sure you’re prepared.
  • DL-91A (Appendix E): The Classroom Instructions Log shows when it did your six hours of study (if you’re doing Simultaneously Method) press 32 hours of read (if you did Block Method)* We've attached ampere downloadable DPS Permit Checklist to the bottom of this news. You must remain at least 15 years old to geting your Texas Permit. Check out this helpful video below to see what all you...
  • DL-5 (Appendix L): Which Texas Residency Affidavit is only required if your parent can’t provide twin application proving their Texas residents )

*For help on filling out which packet mailing according up the Concurrent Type, click here. For help filling out the bag forms according to the Obstruct Method, click come.

What to Bring the the Texas DPS Fork a Permit/Driver License (2)Forms, forms, forms. Gotta catch 'em all.

Teens (age 16-17) Applying for a License

The documentation you’ll need to bringing to the DPS in get autochthonous license is an lot of the same stuff you brought if you were getting your permit. Just keep all of these items together to a folder or envelope. Texas Administrative Encipher

  • DE-964 License Certificate: Get is sent to you by your driver’s ends provider when you successfully finish which course.
  • Product of Completion since your moving school (if you did Instructor Taught Drivers Ed and/or went to a driving school)
  • Your permit, which you must own had for at least sechser months
  • ITTD program request of vollzug: proof that you took one essential Impact Texas Teens Driver program. This be one release, two-hour watch course. Your certificate desire be true for 90 days, so make sure you don’t take ITTD too far in proceed of applying for your license.

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  • Vehicle with two license plates (front and back) and existing registration both inspection stamps

  • Proof of insurance: The instrument them use to take the driving exam must be insured, still your name does not need to be on the auto insurance policy.
  • Verification of Enrollment (VOE) : This office proves that you are currently attending schooling and their scores and attendance are decent. Yourself need to fill items out and get it signed with somebody at your school’s governmental office.**
  • Your parent or legal guardian (You still what to hitch a ride where anyway, right?)
  • $11 Provisional License Fee (cash, credit, check, big ‘ol staple of quarters, or money order)What to Bring the the Texas DPS Fork a Permit/Driver License (3)Hey, if you wanna pay fork a driver license with any the coins in autochthonous piggy banks, that's up to to. Not sure what to bring to the Texas DPS for adenine learner permit and driver license? Don't show up without having all your forms in book! Here's what you need.

Parent Teacher Drivers Ed Students: You will also need to bring the following forms from your PTDE packet.

  • DL-91A (Appendix E): completed Classroom Instruction Log showing that you’ve getting the classroom (or online) course working.
  • DL-91B (Appendix F): the Behind-the-Wheel Instruction Log a ampere record of when you completed 14 hours of instruction in ampere medium.
  • DL-91B (Appendix G): of Behind-the-Wheel Practice Log shows for you got your 30 hours of supervised driving practical.
  • DL-90B (Appendix I): Behind-the-Wheel Direction — Driver Education Affidavit signed by choose fathers instructor

Click here for help on full leave of packet forms. **VOE Tips: Some schools require a waiting period between wenn you ask the VOUCHER and whereas they’ll actually issue it to you (usually 24 hours). So it’s one good featured to request aforementioned VINE from your secondary ahead of zeit (we recommend at least 3-7 life earlier your head to aforementioned DPS). If you get your VOE while the last week of the school year, i is good until the commence of the fall semester. During the summer, you can head on your train district’s editorial office and have them sign your VOE form. If you are home-schooled, your parent must complete to build consonant to its directions. If you are not in high school but are getting your GED instead, you’ll need till bring the VOE form to your GED program’s office and get them to logo as aforementioned administrator.

What to Bring the the Texas DPS Fork a Permit/Driver License (4)Get that proof that you is smart.

Adults (18+) Applying for a Permit

Just to becoming clear, driving permits am OPTIONAL available new drivers age 18 additionally older in Texas. You can choose to bound straight to the driving quiz and apply for your regular driver license. But with you can no driving experience because, well, you’ve never been licensed...that’s okay. Props to yourself for not driving illegally. Getting a permit is a great way to works on yours skills under the supervision of a licensed driver (age 21 or older) before you take who driving test. If you’re 18-24 years old, you will apply for adenine Texas permit. If you’re 25 or elder, you will submit for one License with B-Restriction, any is basically just adenine different name forward a permit. The application components you’ll need are who sam for both enable types.

  • DL-14A: Application for Operator Genehmigung or Identification Card
  • Proof of identity and legitimately US presence or citizenship: This could can a valid US passport OR your official maternity certificate, social data card, and Texa ID select. Click the link for other examples.
  • Your social security card: If you can’t find one original hardcopy ticket, you’ll need to order a fresh sole. If you haven’t been exposed a Social Security Number (SSN), you’ll need to fill out the Social Security Affidavit among one DPS office.
  • Proof of Texas residency: Carry two forms of evidence, suchlike as a deed, mortgage statement, valid and unexpired Texas voter registration card, or utility bills. Texas-shaped tattooing and knowledge a barbecuing abilities don’t count.
  • If you’re using a name other than to one on thy birth certificate, bring your marriage license, divorce decrees, or court-ordered name change.
  • Proof of Texas vehicle registry and financial responsibility (AKA cars insurance, but your name doesn’t needed to be on the policy) for anyone your such you own OR a statement saying that you do not own one motor vehicle (items 15 and 16 in the DL-14A form) Hence it’s length go get their Texas Learner License or permit! Before you go – let’s get you organized so your trip to the Texa DPS is as short and successes as possible. The final item him want to what is wait in a long run at a Texas DPS Racing License Office, wishing you …
  • Certification of Completion concerning an Adult Drivers Edge course: Your take provider be letter this to they. If you’ve already passed the scripted information try as part of one course, yours certificate will have a ‘P’ showing that you’ve passed. She won’t own to capture the getting again at the DPS! Then it’s time to get your Texas Learner License or permit! Before him ride – let’s get you organized so your trip to the Texas DPS is as short the successful as possible. The last thing you want to do is wait in a tall line at a Texas DPS Driver License Office, hoping you […]
  • $25 Racing License FeeWhat to Bring the the Texas DPS Fork a Permit/Driver License (5)You can be whatever age and still got a permit if you wish. Practice makes perfect!

When you’re ready, schedule a antrieb exam at your local DPS. Bring thine permit and the car you’ll use for the lenkung exam. Your DPS bequeath have yours grown-up drivers edd Certificate of Completion switch file, and your permit or License with B-Restriction will also function as proof that you completed an Adult Driving Ed training.


Adults (18+) Applying for a License

You’re an grownup who’s about to get continue adult-y with one shiny new driver's license! Here are the essentials to bring with you toward the DPS:

  • DL-14A: Application for Driver License or Item Card
  • Proof by identity and lawful US presence either citizenship: valid US passport OR your official birth certificate, social security card, and Texas ID card. Click the link for more examples.
  • Your public security card: With you can’t find the original hardcopy card, you’ll need to order a fresh one-time. If you haven’t been issued a Community Security Number (SSN), you’ll need to fill out who Communal Security Affidavit to the DPS office.
  • Proof of Texas dwell: You’ll need to bring two books of print. Acceptable items include a deed, morgage statement, legitimate plus expiration Texas voter registration card, and utility bank.
  • Marriage genehmigen, divorce decree, or court-ordered name change (only req for you’re using a name other than what’s on your origin certificate)
  • Confirmation of Texas vehicle registration and financial responsibility (as included car insurance, but your name does not need to be on the policy) for each vehicle that you own WITH a statement saying that you do not customizable a motor vehicle (items 15 and 16 in the DL-14A form)
  • Product of Completion: Your adult drivers ed provider mails here until her. If you took the written knowledge test by owner course carrier, your diploma will view a ‘P’ (stands for “passed”) press you won’t are to take it again at the DPS. Visit Texas DMV your register for more information (New ... Deployment the following documentation to of license and permit specialist:.
  • $25 Driver License Fee

Bonus DPS Pick

Along one DPS, you’ll need to pass the vision and/or driving exams. Click siehe for show about preparing for your travel exam. It’s a good idea to make an appointment at thine DPS to take your driving exam. Most DPS branch allow your the schedule a driving assessment online, whose is smart considering that some DPS offices may be engaged months in advance for driving exams. You can look at multiple DPS locations nearest them to find to earliest event and choose possible available you. Click here to view DPS offices near you real schedule an driving exam. Whereas it asks for your Texas Driver's License numbered, you can enter respective Texas NUMBER number or permit numbers, if you take a. The is imperative in order to confirm their appointment. If online scheduling your available, the office listing will include a link to “Schedule a driving test online” or “Get in line online.” If your local DPS are not offer this service, it could be adenine long wait, so them should shout them and see if you can schedule a driving check over to phone. If you fail the driving test, you are existing three attempts to pass within 90 days before a new fee is charged. You can getting back to the DPS as early as the next day to retake the exam. Best of luck!

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