IMTS Institute: Topmost Distance Education Institutes in India (2023)

IMTS Institute is an Institute that offers Free career counselling institute with over 150+ experienced career counsellors that believe in the 'right to education.' For the past 16 years,. 98% of the students were able to get their diplomas and Degrees on Time; IMTS Institute has attained greatness through hard work and dedication. Professionals ensure that students achieve their goals by obtaining a high-quality education in their subject of interest.

IMTS Institute is founded on ethical, professional, and transparent e-governance, integrating students and faculty in building healthy, dynamic, and sustainable societies. IMTS's Distance Education program was founded in 2005 as a self-governing institute. It also serves as a counselling and guidance centre for distance learning universities. In early 2005, we focused on the counselling of students as most of the students weren't sure about what to study after the 12th grade.

IMTS provides career advice for distance learning courses or online learning courses IGNOU Admission Courses. Students can pick up where they left off in their studies due to various circumstances. Distance education and online courses can reach students beyond geographical borders while also allowing them to work and study simultaneously. IMTS also Support students those are not happy with IGNOU Services.

IMTS's core principles are that every student should get correct information and support before taking University admission, which will serve as a cornerstone to a bright future. Furthermore, the Institute's professional training counsellors go to great lengths to ensure this concept becomes a reality.

IMTS Institute has a working staff of 150 employees and 20 committed teachers. Its students come from all 28 Indian states, eight Union Territories, and forty Nations, with more than 70 per cent coming from neighbouring states and countries. As a result, If students look at the IMTS institute's history, we can see that they have had a 98% student pass rate in the last five years. 98% of the students were able to earn their diplomas.

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IMTS Institute helped over 28,000 students till 2021

The Institute has helped over 28,000 students achieve their career goals. IMTS students currently work in top MNCs and have the career of their choice, skill-based learning practices through state-of-the-art technology and intuitive, dynamic classrooms.

The Institute's specialization is to provide a good experience in Distance education and technology-based learning and doubt clearing sessions with professors if necessary. He helps students obtain the right concepts in technological growth that is taking place in the industries.

Due to quality Information and up-to-date information, this advanced learning has assisted numerous students from IMTS in obtaining significant positions in major MNCs. By the end of 2021, about 28,000 students will have completed their studies with IMTS.

Over 2,000 businesses have hired people from the IMTS Institute talent pool. Moreover, companies are willing to pay top cash for highly trained workers that excel at critical thinking and problem-solving. These placements speak volumes about IMTS' quality education.

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Due to a lack of direction, IMTS Offer course like Courses after 12th Science Courses After 12th, Courses after 12th ARTS, Courses after 12th MANAGEMENT, Courses after 12th COMMERCE, Courses after 12th SCIENCE, Etc.

About 57% of students Take admission From UAE and Dubai. Every year, this will be IMTS' target population. Because of the vigour of the online mode, IMTS can quickly assist them and direct them to an appropriate course based on their needs. If they convert 0.25% of the students, we will have more than 7,000 students every year. Thus, adding to the literacy rate in India.

IMTS has not restricted itself in any way

Students from the UAE, Oman, Kuwait, the United States, and the United Kingdom account for 40% of those requesting assistance. After receiving adequate guidance, these pupils are now working at the most significant degree of compliance.

IMTS has not restricted itself in any way. Even in the troubled times of Corona, they have created new means to extend their network. The regular mode and part-time model were the first to exist. They have, nevertheless, excelled in giving an equally strong performance in an online way.

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Those subjected to a lockdown and unable to leave their houses may choose to learn online. It is precisely as practical as the other modalities.

IMTS Institute E-Library with Technology-based online lectures. Being driven by technologically advanced ways of educating students, IMTS operates with E-libraries to provide valuable information and knowledge banks. The features of IMTS's futuristic e-library include:

-Students created unrestricted access to free online study material with real-time feedback from industry and academic specialists.

-Highly dynamic and multimedia-rich e-content

-Student support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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-Programs that are industry-relevant and well-organized

-Opportunity to engage in campus events and programs

-Training Programs to Improve Employability

Free Support Services

IMTS offers all services on behalf of the University. We don't usually charge any additional services beyond the University fee. IMTS Institute Review 28,000 Students Names are Available on Website

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IMTS Institute reviews

IMTS Institute has 99% positive reviews and a 4.8-star rating on Google. It is an excellent rating. While we don't claim to be the Best, we do our best to ensure that all students have a great experience. We have a 99% satisfaction rate among 25000 students, which is very good. Also, students can get complete 28,000 students' data on the institute website.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist is involved in creation of this content.


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