How Much Is a Gold Charizard Card Worth? (2023)

Some Pokémon cards are attractive to collectors and unbelievably expensive, and gold Charizard ones are undoubtedly in this group. As you probably know, they are among the rarest pieces on the market. So, the only question is how much is a gold Charizard card worth to the most passionate admirers.

Even though the prices of these cards have dropped a bit recently, it is not the case with gold cards. Therefore, you can be sure that the value of such a card showing one of the most popular Pokémon like Charizard is pretty stable.

Gold Charizard card price chart 2023

1st EditionBase$25,000$5,000$1,000
ShadowlessBase$9,500$2,500$500 to $800
UnlimitedBase$1,500$750$75 to $200
Reverse HoloLegendary$800$200$50
UnlimitedBase 2$800$150$50

Charizard Card History

The first Charizard (Topsun) card was printed in Japan in 1995 and is incredibly valuable nowadays. In October next year, Japan released the first official Pokémon Base Set. The Charizard card showing an excellent orange-red dragon was among the rarest to pull.

You can recognize three valuable Charizard holographic card types, including:

  • The 1st Edition cards with a serial number at the bottom right corner and a stamp at the bottom left card corner
  • Shadowless cards without both a stamp and shadow right of Charizard
  • Shadow (with shadow, unlimited) cards that contain a shadow right of Charizard

The 1st Edition Holographic Pokémon set with 102 cards, including 16 rare shiny, holographic ones, appeared in 1999. Nowadays, collectors consider the Charizard card the Holy Grail and the most pricey Pokémon trading card game. It is also an excellent investment, based on its price throughout the sale history:

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  • $295,300 in November 2020
  • $350,100 in December 2020
  • $300,000 in January 2021
  • $399,750 in March 2021
  • $311,800 in March 2021
  • $264,000 in July 2021
  • $270,600 in September 2021

Despite a temporary price decrease in 2021, this card’s future is promising thanks to continued demand. One of these Pokémon cards won the third-highest price since they appeared on the market. One collector paid $420,000 for the 1st Edition Charizard card in March 2022.

Gold Pokémon Card Value

Even though people think that gold Pokémon cards are valuable because of their rarity and the material they are made of, it is not the case. Most sets include a few gold cards, plus you can find them enclosed to particular products as promotional cards.

Sets with the most gold cards

Sun and MoonSword and shield
Card nameNumberCard nameNumber
Guardians Rising9Evolving Skies12
Cosmic Eclipse9Chilling Reign12
Burning Shadows9Astral Radiance11
Lost Thunder9Lost Origin8
Unified Minds9Brilliant Stars8
Ultra-Prism8Silver Tempest8
Forbidden Light6Vivid Voltage6
Unbroken Bonds6Fusion Strike6
Celestial Storm6Sword & Shield6
Crimson Invasion5Battle Styles6
Team Up5Rebel Clash6
Sun & Moon4Darkness Ablaze5
Dragon Majesty4Crown Zenith4
Hidden Fates0Pokémon GO3
Shining Legends0Shining Fates2
//Champion’s Path1

You can find gold cards in Pokémon TCG booster packs if you are lucky to get them, considering their low pull rate. Finding gold-plated promotional cards is effortless, but their value is lower except for those showing particular Pokémon. Besides local markets, the best place to find these cards is eBay.

By February 2023, the company released about 225 gold cards to collect. Besides a few rare examples, most gold cards are affordable, ranging from $2 to $5. Only those with the most beloved Pokémon, like Charizard, Pikachu, and all Legendaries, are worth more.

The gold-plated Burger King cards

Burger King included gold Pokémon cards in their products on 8th November 1999. This small set included the 23 K gold-plated cards (toys).

Unlike the TCG gold cards, these are relatively inexpensive. In most cases, you can buy one online for $18 to $40, depending on the popularity of the featured Pokémon. However, those in top condition can reach $150.

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The gold Celebrations cards

The Pokémon Co. released the 25th-anniversary Celebrations card sets in 2021. They included the UPC (Ultra-Premium Collection) gold cards.

Each set included four gold cards:

  • Two gold embossed holofoils
  • Two gold metal cards, the Pikachu and Charizard Base sets’ metal reprints

These sought-after cards were made of metal instead of standard cardstock. Since they are unique, collectors grabbed them immediately, making them highly valuable. For instance, you can find a pair for over $750 on eBay.

The gold Trainer Gallery cards

This card type looks different thanks to a unique, negative-like color pattern. Each Trainer Gallery has included two gold cards so far.

The gold Galarian Gallery cards

Pokémon Co. released Crown Zenith, the newest expansion, in January 2023. This set featured a subset of gold cards with artwork atypical for Pokémon card design, making them unique. Collectors and players adored the new style, but their pull rates were exceptionally low. That makes them rare, meaning their prices remain high.

The 24K Gold Charizard credit cards

This StripeSmith custom Charizard credit card made of 24K Gold looks perfect. Even though it is only one of the cards you can pull from a pack, it reached an entirely new level because you can use it as a regular credit card.


Like other credit cards, it features a chip that is discretely stamped above Charizard’s wings. You will get it packed in a black box with an included certificate of authenticity.

The Most Valuable Charizard Cards

It is impossible to determine the real Charizard cards’ value since they are only that – cards. Their price depends on rarity, condition, and how much one collector is willing to pay per piece. There are two ways to estimate cards’ prices, checking the average cost of all sold pieces and the highest prices at auctions.

The most expensive Charizard Cards

PSA gradedUngraded
Charizard 1st Edition Base Set1999$420,000$3,000
Charizard Holographic First Edition1999$270,600$1,000
Charizard Mysterious Mountains2002$40,800$1,750
Charizard Gold Star Holo Dragon Frontiers

(the Kanto ‘mon look variant)

Crystal Charizard Holo Skyridge2003$25,100$600
Charizard Holographic Shadowless1999$25,000$460
Charizard Expansion Pack1996$25,000$1,000
First edition Shining Charizard Neo Destiny2002$22,000$1,000
Shining Charizard Darkness And, To Light2001$13,000$2,000
Charizard Prerelease Staff2016$13,000$800
Japanese Holographic Charizard1996$13,000$150
Legendary Collection Charizard with Reverse Holo2002$13,000$550
Holographic Legendary Collection Charizard2002$12,500$25
Skyridge Holographic Charizard2003$12,000$300
Charizard Gold Star EX Dragon Frontiers2006$10,000$700
EX Dragon Frontiers Holographic2006$9,000$750
Reverse Holographic Legendary Collection2002$6,500$750
Charizard National Championship EX Dragon2003$3,000$1,000
Charizard VMAX Brilliant Stars2001$5,000$100
Japanese Promo Charizard EX (Full Art)2016$1,800$600
Japanese Battle Rainbow Charizard GX2017$1,700$550
FireRed and LeafGreen Charizard ex2004$1,000$300
XY Series EX Charizard2014$1,000$1,000
CD Promo Charizard1999$600 to $700$100
Vivid Voltage Promo2020$500$45
Battle Road Spring Charizard2006$400 to $900$300
Japanese Web Dark Charizard1998$365 to $1,090$55

Ways of Charizard Pokémon Card Grading

The best way to estimate your gold Charizard Pokémon card value is to have it rated. Their condition is based on a numerical scale with 10 points, and all graded pieces are classified into several groups, including:

Gem Mint – Such a grade means the card is perfectly centered and in top-notch condition without signs of use.

Off-center – Some collectors appreciate poorly centered Charizard cards appearing during printing. However, they never reach the highest prices of perfect ones.

Upside-down back or missing print – These error cards can be highly collectible. Most are worth two to three times the standard price of regularly printed ones.


Near Mint – Such cards show slight handling defects and typically get the PSA 8.5 grade. In this group are also pieces with poorly centered margins.

Excellent – Cards of this quality are graded PSA 5 to 5.5 since you can see signs of wear due to playing. They also have scratches over the holographic surface. Seeing a gold Charizard Pokémon card in the such low condition is almost impossible.

Very Good – Heavily played cards with significant defects are typically graded PSA 3 to 3.5, and the most affordable Pokémon cards are in this group. Only rare players use their 1st Edition Charizard cards the way to put them in this group.

Poor – An entirely destroyed Charizard with PSA 1 probably doesn’t exist. However, this card is so rare that even those in the worst condition are worth something.


Some Pokémon card collectors like gold cards, and the gold Charizard is among the most desirable in the series. Be aware that the company produced a limited number of golden Pokémon cards, including the most collectible Pikachu and Charizard. Only the luckiest admirers have both that are worth a small fortune nowadays.


How much is a fully gold charizard worth? ›

The average value of "Pokemon Charizard Gold Custom Metal Card" is $8.09.

Are gold Pokémon cards worth money? ›

Fans and collectors value uncommon cards, which have occasionally sold for tens of thousands of dollars at auction. The value of a gold card depends on how popular the Pokémon is and how good it is in the game. Gold cards with favorites like Pikachu, Charizard, or legendary Pokémon are often worth more than others.

How do I know if my charizard card is worth money? ›

Again, you have to look for the Legendary medal on the right side, as without that, it's a different card. This is from the earliest Japanese set in existence, and it is different than the 1999 design which will be worth less, which did not have horizontally arranged energy requirements.

What is the million dollar charizard? ›

At the PWCC March Premiere Auction, a 1999 Charizard Pokémon card just sold for a record-breaking $420,000, the most a Charizard has ever sold for, and the third highest for any Pokémon card of all time. Why so much? Well, this was a special one, it seems. The most special, in fact.

How rare is charizard gold Star? ›

Charizard Gold Star (Delta Species) - 100/101 - Ultra Rare.

Are gold cards rare? ›

While all of the Gold Star Pokémon cards are rare, only appearing once in approximately every 88 booster packs (or two booster boxes) for certain Pokémon TCG expansions, the very rarest are the 'Eeveelutions' - the many evolutions into which basic Gen 1 Pokémon Eevee can evolve.

What is the 1 rarest Pokémon card? ›

The Blastoise Commissioned Presentation Galaxy Star Hologram card is the rarest Pokémon card in existence. Only two of these cards were ever made, created by Wizards of the Coast in order to obtain the contract to produce Pokémon cards for The Pokémon Company.

What is the most expensive gold Pokemon? ›

Umbreon Star is the most valuable Gold Star Pokémon card and remains one of the most expensive cards in all of Pokémon TCG history thanks to its incredibly limited release window.

Should I buy a Charizard card? ›

Out of all of the shining Pokemon cards, Charizard is by far the most valuable. A first-edition version of the card in mint condition has even sold for $15,500! While most may not have it in such a pristine edition, even its average sale price is nothing to sneeze at.

Why is Charizard so rare? ›

First of all, the 1999 Holographic Charizard is from the original Base Set of Pokémon, the first series of cards to ever be produced, so the vintage aspect is already a major factor in the price for collectors.

Which Charizard is better? ›

Mega Charizard Y has almost similar base statistics to Mega Charizard X in Pokemon Go. However, it has a higher max CP of 4455, an attack of 319, and a 1-point-lower defense of 212. The clear winner for status points is the Mega Charizard Y.

Do Charizard cards hold value? ›

The Charizard is also considered one of the most popular cards ever designed by artist Mitsuhiro Arita. Prices for the Charizard card have only increased over the years, making it the holy grail for collectors and a super valuable card for investors.

How rare is my Pokemon card? ›

A marker near the bottom of the card or near its name will indicate rarity: a circle means the card is common, a diamond means it's less common, and stars mean it's rare. More stars or with combinations of letters or symbols mean extra rare, including if those symbols are in the name or elsewhere on the card.

What Pokemon card cost $1000000? ›

One of just 41 copies in existence. One of the rarest Pokémon cards of all time, Pikachu Illustrator, has gone under the hammer for close to a cool half a million dollars. Pikachu Illustrator is a legend among Pokémon collectors, and for good reason.

Is Max charizard rare? ›

Charizard VMAX - 020/189 - Ultra Rare.

What is the rarest gold Pokemon card? ›

The 10 Most Expensive Gold Rare Pokémon Cards
  1. #1 Ultra Ball (Plasma Freeze #122)
  2. #3 & #2: Zekrom (Legendary Treasures #115) & Reshiram (Legendary Treasures #114) ...
  3. #4 Energy Recycler (Forbidden Light #143) ...
  4. #5 Snorlax (Chilling Reign #224) ...
  5. #6 Escape Rope (Burning Shadows #163) ...
  6. #7 Ultra Necrozma-GX (Dragon Majesty #78) ...
May 2, 2023

Is Rainbow charizard rare? ›

For every major Pokémon mechanic between 2017 and 2022, Charizard received at least one Rainbow Rare version of a card with that mechanic. One of the earliest cards featuring rainbow Charizard is the most expensive Rainbow Rare card ever printed, Charizard-GX from Burning Shadows.

How much is shiny golden charizard? ›

The average value of "charizard shiny vmax" is $132.16. Sold comparables range in price from a low of $3.50 to a high of $323.98.

How much is a gold card? ›

The Amex Gold Card is a premium card with a $250 annual fee. Here are the best card member perks that can make it worthwhile.

How many gold cards exist? ›

Only 3 of these Pokemon cards are believed to exist, making it really rare.

Are gold cards hard to get? ›

Getting the Amex Gold Card isn't the easiest card to qualify for as you need good or excellent credit. That means having a minimum 670 FICO score and existing cards in good standing. Being an existing American Express cardholder can also make it easier to qualify.

Are gold Pokemon cards real or fake? ›

Yes, gold Pokemon cards are real. They are referred to as “shiny” or “ex” cards and were first released in Japan in 1997 as part of the “Jungle” set. These gold cards feature a Gold Star badge and are incredibly rare and valuable. Many of the gold cards feature holographic images, rare characters, and unique artwork.

How do I know if my Pokemon card is worth money? ›

How to Determine Pokemon Card Value:
  1. Check the rarity of the cards. ...
  2. Take a closer look at early cards. ...
  3. Check the collector number. ...
  4. Keep an eye out for holographic cards. ...
  5. Look out for extra symbols or words after the name. ...
  6. Check out your Pokemon card's condition. ...
  7. What is the rarest old Pokémon card?
Jan 24, 2023

What Pokémon are only in gold? ›

The Gold version exclusively has the Mankey, Growlithe, Spinarak, and Teddiursa evolutionary lines, in addition to Gligar and Mantine.

How much are 24k gold Pokémon cards worth? ›

The average value of "gold plated pokemon card" is $25.89. Sold comparables range in price from a low of $0.99 to a high of $180.00.

How rare is a Charizard? ›

1 1999 Holographic First Edition ($300,000)

A PSA 10-mint condition version of the 1999 holographic First Edition Base Set Charizard is the actual Holy Grail of Charizard cards and Pokemon cards in general. There is no rarity symbol for "extremely rare," but in terms of tangible cards, this takes the cake.

How many Charizards are there? ›

Charizard has been featured on 47 different cards since it debuted in the Base Set of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Charizard cards are normally Fire-type Stage 2 Pokémon.

Do all Charizard cards go up in value? ›

Charizard cards always have and always will increase in value over time. Other cards will increase in value if the demand is greater than the supply.

Why is Charizard the best card? ›

Charizard is the only card in the original Pokémon set capable of dealing 100 damage per its ability text, which was awe-inspiring to the average grade schooler.

How many rare Charizard cards are there in the world? ›

Now we begin to understand just how rare the Charizard is, especially in a PSA 10! In fact, only 18 of them exist, and I doubt that number will ever change. At the time of writing, there's a PSA 9 on eBay for over £13k.

What makes a Pokémon worth money? ›

Every Pokémon card is stamped with a small symbol in the bottom right corner that identifies its rarity. As is the case with most collectibles, scarcity is a major factor in determining the item's value. So the rarer the card's marker, the higher value it'll likely command at auction.

Is Charizard a Dragon? ›

Described by the media as "a lean, ferocious, fire-breathing dragon ... sleek, powerful, and utterly destructive", Charizard has been noted as one of the franchise's "most popular" characters.

Who is the strongest Charizard? ›

3 Ash's Charizard

Ash had a real powerhouse in his hands as his first true ace Pokemon, and after an extended stint of training at Charicific Valley, Ash's Charizard is now more powerful than ever.

What is the most strongest Charizard? ›

Gigantamax is an alternate form of Dynamax, and doing so with Charizard changes his appearance as well as the usual stat boosts. Gigantamax Charizard is also the only known Pokémon capable of using the move G-Max Wildfire, which deals powerful damage as well as a damage-over-time effect to non-Fire Pokémon.

Will Pokémon cards lose value? ›

Pokémon cards only hold their value if they remain in 100% pristine condition. If a PSA 10 Charizard drops to PSA 9 while it's in your possession, it loses 80% of its value.

How much will Charizard resell for? ›

Charizard #4 Pokemon Base Set
Sale Date ▲ ▼Title ▲ ▼▲ ▼ Price
2022-09-27Pokémon TCG Charizard Base Set 4/102 Holo Shadowless Holo Rare 1st Edition 4/102 [eBay]$7,100.00
2022-09-131999 Pokemon Game Charizard #4 1st Edition Holo PSA 7 #4 [eBay]$14,999.99
28 more rows

How much did Charizard card sell for? ›

A Charizard card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game has sold for $420,000 (£318,731), becoming the third-highest price paid for a Pokémon TCG card.

Are old Pokémon cards rare? ›

Those First Edition cards are especially some of the rarest and some are even considered to be among the most expensive Pokémon cards in general. And in this guide, we take a look at the 25 most valuable.

What is a secret rare Pokemon card? ›

Secret Rare is the highest category of Pokémon card rarity, and Secret Rare cards differ in several ways from lower-rarity cards. First, they have a collector card number that's higher than the advertised set number — hence the "secret" in their name.

What is the rarest 1995 Pokemon card? ›

Pokemon Topsun 1995 — First Edition Charizard

This precious card is the original, first ever Charizard to be printed in existence, and it is worth up to $10,000 due to its rarity.

Is it good to sell Pokémon cards? ›

Selling Pokémon cards can be very lucrative, if you play your cards right. Pokémon is a quintessential staple of 1990s kids' nostalgia. Turns out, some Poké fans still gotta' catch 'em all and will pay up for the rare and valuable cards to complete their collection.

Should I sell my old Pokémon cards? ›

Should I keep my old Pokemon cards or sell them? Keep them! Depending on how old they are, they will be worth more money, especially if they are rare cards.

Why is charizard gold Star so expensive? ›

Due to their age and rarity, Gold Star Pokémon cards have surged in price, and only the most daring collectors aim to spend the money on obtaining these pricey Pokémon. However, If you were collecting or playing the Pokémon TCG during the early days of the PCG era, you might have one of these sleeved up in a binder.

How much is a gold charizard worth in pounds? ›

1. Charizard Base Set (PSA Graded, 1st Edition): Est. value, £800+

How much is a original charizard worth? ›

Charizard #4 Pokemon Base Set
Sale DateTitle▲ ▼ Price
2023-05-03Pokémon TCG Charizard Base Set 4/102 Holo 1st Edition Holo Rare 4/102 [eBay]$3,900.00
2023-04-28Pokémon TCG Charizard Base Set 4/102 Holo 1st Edition Holo Rare MINT CONDITION 4/102 [eBay]$2,550.00
28 more rows

Are gold Charizard cards real? ›

Yes, gold Pokemon cards are real. They are referred to as “shiny” or “ex” cards and were first released in Japan in 1997 as part of the “Jungle” set. These gold cards feature a Gold Star badge and are incredibly rare and valuable. Many of the gold cards feature holographic images, rare characters, and unique artwork.

How rare are gold star cards? ›

While all of the Gold Star Pokémon cards are rare, only appearing once in approximately every 88 booster packs (or two booster boxes) for certain Pokémon TCG expansions, the very rarest are the 'Eeveelutions' - the many evolutions into which basic Gen 1 Pokémon Eevee can evolve.

How many Shining charizard cards were made? ›

The first edition set was released in limited quantity with 102 cards total, 16 of them being the rarer, coveted holographic cards. The holographic Charizard card became the most popular for a variety of cultural reasons at the time.

What is the rate of a golden Pokemon card? ›

Pokemon Cards Silver & Golden Colour 55 Cards In One Box Premium Quality For Playing at Rs 130/pack in Raigad.

How to find fake Pokemon cards? ›

As well as this dark blue color, all Pokemon cards have a distinct blue border and then art of a Pokeball opening within the border of the back of the card. However, if the dark blue border begins to bleed into the art in the middle (most often caused by bad printing), you likely have yourself a fake Pokemon card.

Why is charizard so rare? ›

First of all, the 1999 Holographic Charizard is from the original Base Set of Pokémon, the first series of cards to ever be produced, so the vintage aspect is already a major factor in the price for collectors.

How can you tell if a Pokemon card is rare? ›

The black symbol in the bottom corner of a Pokemon card denotes its rarity: a circle is common, a diamond is uncommon, and a star is rare. Traditionally the star is black, but a card with a star of an alternate color such as white or gold means it's ultra rare. Card image courtesy of

Are all charizard cards worth a lot? ›

Out of all of the shining Pokemon cards, Charizard is by far the most valuable. A first-edition version of the card in mint condition has even sold for $15,500! While most may not have it in such a pristine edition, even its average sale price is nothing to sneeze at.

How can you tell charizard first edition? ›

When the Pokémon trading card game was introduced in the US in 1999, the first print run of the first set, which is known as the Base Set, included a “First Edition” symbol on every card. On cards featuring Pokémon, the symbol is found on the left side of the card midway between the card's top and bottom.


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