Drivers Education Course Online (2023)

Drivers Education Course Online (1)

1. Sign Up & Complete the course

Registering is easy, and it doesn't take long to do. Once you're enrolled, you can log in and complete our Drivers License Permit course at any time. And, you can use any computer with Internet access.

Take Drivers Ed - the Easy Way

With Drivers Education Online, you’ll never have to worry about having to rearrange your schedule to complete the course. No classrooms, no books, no boring lectures; you’re completely in charge of when, where, and how much you study. And, you can take the course from any computer with Internet access.

2. Take & Pass the Final Exam

You'll learn everything you need to know to pass the final. If you don't pass the first time, don't worry - you can retake it until you do. Once you've passed, you'll be ready to take your Permit Exam and start learning how to drive.

Pass Your - Learners Permit Exam

Our engaging and educational Drivers Ed courses are designed by professionals to keep you interested in what you’re learning so you’ll be ready to pass your DMV Learners Permit exam. Our courses combine short lessons, entertaining animations, and helpful multiple-choice quizzes to teach you about traffic laws and driver safety.

3. Pass Your Permit Exam & Get Your Permit

Our course includes a free 50 question DMV Practice Test, so you'll be totally prepared to pass your exam and get behind the wheel!

Make Your Own Schedule

One of the best reasons to take your Drivers Ed course online is the freedom and flexibility you’ll have. You can log in and out of the course as much as you want, whenever you have the time. With online Drivers Ed, you get to take the course when and where it’s best for you.

Drivers Ed Is Better Online
Easy. Convenient. Affordable. Drivers Education Online is the way to go. When you take our course, you’ll learn more, remember it better, and be ready to pass you Learners Permit exam and get behind the wheel. Enroll in our online Drivers Ed course today and get ready to have your DMV Learners Permit and start learning how to drive.

Online Drivers Education – It’s The Only Way To Go.
This online drivers permit course is approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Nevada, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Texas Adult Drivers Ed and Virginia. This approval means that it satisfies all of the same requirements that a traditional course does, but without the hassles of sitting in a boring classroom for days on end.

Guaranteed To Pass
You can retake our final exam as many times as you like until you pass. We offer this guaranteed because we believe you deserve every chance at getting your Drivers Permit. And by allowing you to take and retake the final exam until you pass, which we promise will help when you take the DMV exam.

Driver's ed has never been easier! Instead of trying to find time to sit in a classroom for hours, you get to take our Teen Drivers License course all at your convenience. Log in and take the course whenever you have the time, and you can log out at any point - it's entirely up to you.

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  • Satisfies your Learner's Permit requirements.
  • Study at your convenient time and place.
  • You're guaranteed to pass our course!
  • No sitting in boring classrooms
  • Short, Easy-to-Read Chapters
  • Be prepared to pass your permit exam!

Teens Under 17 Online Drivers Ed
Include a Free 50-Question DMV Practice Test

Another benefit of taking our online Drivers Ed course is the free 50-question DMV Practice Test you’ll get to study with. You can make sure you’re prepared to pass your Learners Permit exam by testing your knowledge with questions like the ones you’ll see on your actual DMV Learners Permit exam.

Study Online, and Get Your Drivers License Permit!
Taking Driver's Ed and getting your Permit is an exciting time! And, it's fun and easy! No textbooks, no classrooms, just you and a computer; all you need is access to the Internet. Plus, you get to study when it's best for you, which is something you can only benefit from by taking an Online Teen Drivers Permit course.

You Can Always Get Help!
With our Teen Drivers Ed Online course, you have access to 24/7 customer support, which means you'll always be able to get help, no matter what time you're studying. Don't hesitate to contact our friendly, professional Customer Support Representatives at any time with your questions or concerns.

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Enroll in our course today, and enjoy the benefits and convenience we have to offer, and get ready to pass your Driver License Permit test!

State-Approved Drivers Ed Courses
Drivers education program is an economical course. We allow the teen drivers to take a trial of the course then pay later after getting satisfied.These courses satisfy the DMV driver education course requirement. Upon completion, you will receive a DMV completion certificate.

Drivers Education Course Online (2)

This course satisfies the California DMV 30-hour driver education course requirement. Upon completion, you will receive a DMV completion certificate. This course also includes unlimited DMV practice tests.

This online Parent-Taught Driver Education Course has been approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). Completing this course will satisfy the required 32 hours of training and 14 hours of behind-the-wheel. After the first 6 hours of instruction, the student must apply for a Texas Instruction Permit from the Texas DPS provided the student is at least 15 years of age.

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Florida First Time Driver Course (TLSAE) and DHSMV Permit Exam ONLINE

Complete both the course and exam ONLINE for one low price in order to meet the requirements to obtain your Florida Drivers Permit. No waiting in line at the DHSMV, no making appointments.

Florida First Time Driver Course - Register Now
Florida, our 4-hour, 100% online Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) course is approved by the state of Florida. This course must be completed before taking your DMV permit exam.

Florida DHSMV Permit Exam ONLINE! - Register Now
Complete the Permit Exam online after you have completed the required TLSAE course. This exam consists of The Road Rules and The Road Signs test. In order to qualify for the online DHSMV exam, you must have completed the TLSAE from us.

This driver education course is approved and regulated by the Division of Motor Vehicles in Colorado. You must be at least 15 ½ years old to receive credit for this course. If you take this course, you do not have to complete the Driver Awareness Program. This course includes 30 hours of driver education (behind the wheel training is not included) and unlimited DMV practice tests.

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This course is approved by the Nevada DMV, and satisfies the 30-hour driver education course requirement. Your completion certificate must be presented to the DMV. This course also includes unlimited DMV practice tests.

This Parent-Taught course has been approved by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety. It not only includes 30 hours of online driver training, but it also incorporates the required 55 hours of behind the wheel and unlimited DMV practice tests.

This course has been approved for HOME-SCHOOLED students by the Virginia Department of Education and meets the 30-hour course requirement. It not only includes 30 hours of online driver training, but it also offers unlimited DMV practice tests.

Pennsylvania driver education is a State approved course for teen drivers to use with their parents to receive their learners permit and drivers license. DMV approved Pennsylvania driver education course includes everything you need to take a home based driver education course in your own time at your own pace.

This course meets all the requirements for Joshua's Law including the required 30-hour classroom training. In addition, students will need to complete 40 hours of parent driving (6 at night) and have their learners permit for a year and one day before getting their Class D license. Students must be 15-years old to take this course.

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What is the percentage you need to pass the final examination in this course drivers ed? ›

At the end of the course, you will be given a 50-question final exam. You will successfully complete the course by passing with an 80% or greater.

What are the three main things you gain from a driver education course? ›

Driver's education courses instill essential skills and knowledge: car maintenance, confidence, defensive driving techniques and the rules of the road.

How long is the online drivers ed course Ohio? ›

That depends on your individual pace. In Ohio, all drivers' education courses must be at least 24 hours. You can always go at your own pace and log in and out at your convenience. Keep in mind, that the state of Ohio only gives 180 days to complete the entire program.

What is the best online drivers ed course in Washington state? › is Washington's most popular course in drivers education. This Washington online drivers education course is completed completely online and provides students with all that is needed to successfully pass the DMV learner's permit test.

What must you score at least to pass the final exam best online traffic school? ›

At the end of a traffic school course, you'll complete a final exam. You need to score at least 70% to pass, but we offer two retakes for free. When you've successfully passed the final exam, we'll immediately notify the California DMV that you have satisfied traffic school requirements (free of charge).

How many questions are on the top driver final exam? ›

When is the Final Exam? The final Illinois driving exam is given on the last day of class and consists of 50 questions.

What are the 2 factors that make you a good driver? ›

There are at least two different sets of driving skills that make someone a good driver: technical skills and safety skills.

What are the five most important things you ve learned throughout this driver education course? ›

The Five Most Interesting Things You Learn from Driver's Ed
  • Yield to vehicles when entering.
  • Never stop in a roundabout.
  • Not pass other vehicles.
  • Know which lanes to use for which exits.

What is the most important skill to be a good driver? ›

One of the most important hard skills a driver can possess is consistently obeying traffic laws and following safety rules because driving can be a potentially dangerous activity and great caution is needed when operating vehicles.

What is the 4 hour online driving course Ohio? ›

The 4-Hour Ohio adult driving class is an accelerated version of our Ohio teen course. It details everything adults need to know about the rules of the road and driving techniques for their driving exam. Take a look at what's included, and register today to get started!

How much does drivers ed cost in Ohio? ›

Aceable's BMV-approved online Ohio driver's ed course costs just $48 hours and covers all 10 levels and 24 hours of required classroom instruction. This multimedia course includes videos, memes, pop quiz questions, interactive elements, and photos.

How many hours of driving do you need to get your license in Ohio? ›

You will need to bring: Your Driver Education Certificate of Completion. An affidavit filled out by a guardian that confirms 50 hours of driving practice. Your valid Temporary Instruction Permit Identification Card (TIPIC)

Can I learn how do you drive online? ›

Online driving school is designed for success. Unlike a classroom driver education course, online driving school gives you the freedom to study, learn, and pass the class at your own pace. It doesn't matter which state you received your ticket in, or what kind of schedule you have.

What is the easiest defensive driving course online? ›

Which online defensive driving course is the easiest?
  • IDriveSafely.
  • MyImprov Traffic School.
  • Approved Course Defensive Driving.
  • Aceable Defensive Driving.
Apr 18, 2022

Can you skip drivers ed in Washington state? ›

If you're looking for the quickest way to an adult drivers license, you can eschew both the instruction permit and the driver training course. In that case, all that's necessary to earn a Washington drivers license is to pass both the knowledge and behind-the-wheel drive tests.

How many questions are on the final exam best online traffic school? ›

The final exam has 25 multiple-choice questions, in which you need to get at least 70% correct to pass. There are NO timers as you take either the quizzes or the final exam. You get two attempts at the final exam.

What job do your car's lights do? ›

Using vehicle lights help the driver illuminate the lane and recognize the road, obstacles and traffic signs. The headlights with the high beam, low beam and fog light functions are primarily used for this purpose.

Is the traffic school final exam hard? ›

The final exam is the shortest traffic school final exam allowed by law - it is only 25 questions, and we give you more than 1 attempt to pass! It is very easy and you can use our study guide to help you answers the exam questions.

How do I pass my final road test? ›

Driving Position and Road Direction Checks
  1. Don't drive too fast or slow, just drive according to the road condition.
  2. Don't hesitate when the time starts to drive.
  3. Don't let go of the clutch too quickly.
  4. Always drive in a right lane and a single lane.
  5. Never drive close to the curb.

How many questions are on the aceable final exam? ›

The final exam consists of 50 questions.

How many mistakes are allowed on driving test Illinois? ›

You could be well under the seven-mistake threshold, but if the examiner has to intervene at all, you'll automatically fail. The examiner could intervene because: You're going the wrong way down a one-way road. You are about to get into an accident.

What are 3 examples of a bad driver? ›

Below we unpack 21 habits that can get you in trouble behind the wheel.
  • Driving distracted. This one's top of the list for good reason. ...
  • Speeding. ...
  • Driving while intoxicated. ...
  • Cutting cars off. ...
  • Disregarding traffic signs. ...
  • Merging incorrectly. ...
  • Accelerating on yellow. ...
  • Ignoring blind spots.
Sep 14, 2022

What makes a poor driver? ›

If you do any of the following: Driving aggressively, tailgating, failing to signal, veering out of your lane, speeding, riding your brakes, making sudden stops and starts, bad parallel parking, swerving in and out of traffic. The list goes on and on.

What is the #1 factor for driving? ›

Typically situational awareness, or being alert to your surroundings and potential hazards in your path, is considered a key factor in driving safety. This is because situational awareness allows you to catch potential accidents before they happen and prevent any damage from being done.

What is the most important and safest thing a driver should do? ›

What is the most important and safest thing a driver can do before driving away? Check around your vehicle (for pedestrians, pets, oil leaks, objects.)

How can I learn to be a good driver? ›

We've put together some of the best tips for new drivers to help you stay safe and have fun on the road.
  2. SLOW DOWN! ...
  7. DON'T TAILGATE. ...
Apr 1, 2021

What life skills does driving teach you? ›

Scientifically, one study has claimed that driving also helps to enhance problem-solving skills and supports productive thinking. It is yet another reason why you should learn to drive. Even when you do not use a public vehicle, requesting your friends or family members for a pick and drop becomes embarrassing.

What are the 3 skills needed to drive? ›

Driving skills can include strong knowledge of traffic laws, maintenance knowledge and problem-solving skills. Many drivers obtain these skills from education, on-the-job training or they may naturally develop them.

What three skills do you need to complete the driving task successfully? ›

The driving task includes mental, social, and physical skills.

What is the most challenging driving skill? ›

Changing & Merging Lanes:

It can be difficult for new drivers to judge the time and distance optimal for changing and merging lanes. The process of slowing down the vehicle, turning on your blinker and guessing whether the driver behind you will allow you enter the lane or not can be overwhelming.

What happens if I fail my driving test in Ohio? ›

If you fail the test, you will have to wait at least 7 days before retaking it. If you fail only one part of the test (maneuverability or driving) and pass the other, you will have to retake only the one you failed. If you fail 4 times, you will be required to wait 6 months before retesting.

How long is the Ohio driving test? ›

Although a road test can be stressful, the good news is it should only take around 20 minutes for you to complete. Like most states, the road test in Ohio is pretty succinct and straightforward. Some driving maneuvers you need to show your instructor will include: Making a U-turn.

What is the online course for failed driving test in Ohio? ›

What is Ohio Abbreviated Adult Online Course? This course is for those drivers of age 18+ who failed their first attempt at maneuverability or road portion of the driving test. These drivers are required to complete a 4-hour classroom or online adult driver education course.

Can you do online driving school in Ohio? ›

With, you can take your Ohio drivers education course all online. is a BMV-licensed provider of the required 24-hour online Ohio driving school. Once you complete the entire online course, you will receive an official Certificate of Completion.

Can you take driving school online in Ohio? ›

The state of Ohio requires anyone under the age of 18 applying for a driver's license to take 24 hours of driver education, in addition to behind-the-wheel training. Instead of taking 24 hours over the span of weeks in a classroom, you can now complete the requirement at your leisure, 100% online.

Do adults have to take drivers ed in Ohio? ›

Abbreviated Adult Programs

An applicant for an initial driver's license, who is age 18 or older and who fails the first attempt at the maneuverability or road portion of the driving test, is required to take an abbreviated adult driver training course before attempting the driving test for a second time.

What happens if you fail your driving test 3 times in Ohio? ›

What happens if I fail my driving test three times? If you fail the test three times, you will have to go through the licensing process again. Failing your road test can be stressful, but taking our Ohio Adult Abbreviated course will give you the confidence you need to pass the test and be a safe driver for life.

How long does it take to finish drivers ed in Ohio? ›

Probationary Driver License Requirements

Driver must complete a driver education class at a licensed driver training school, which includes 24 hours of classroom or online instruction and 8 hours of driving time. To find a driver training school visit: Approved Driving Schools.

How far ahead can you get your driver's license in Ohio? ›

Did you know you can renew your license anytime before its expiration date? If you renew your license more than 90 days before it expires, your license will expire in three years, but if you renew your license less than 90 days before it expires, your license will expire in four years.

What's the quickest way to learn to drive? ›

Learn to Drive Quickly: 5 Ways to Speed Up Learning to Drive
  1. Apply for your provisional licence ASAP. ...
  2. Take an intensive driving course. ...
  3. Book your tests early and stay organised. ...
  4. Take practice lessons to supplement your regular lessons. ...
  5. Make sure you really are test-ready.

Can driving be self taught? ›

Can I Learn Driving By Myself? Yes, you can learn from driving videos and books, but it won't be effective enough to make you an experienced driver or even pass a road test. You'll need to learn from a professional driving instructor.

Is it hard learning to drive? ›

Most learners find it difficult with some exceptions. A small percentage find it incredibly easy and at the other end of the scale, some learners will require significantly more lessons than average. But the good news, is that for the vast majority of learners, as you progress through your lessons, it does get easier.

How long is the shortest defensive driving course? ›

A 2.5-hour course designed as a catalyst to stimulate drivers to think in terms of minimizing their risks in order to survive in today's highway transportation system.

What is the best course for defensive driving? ›

  • IDriveSafely is one of the oldest defensive driving brands in the business. ...
  • has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). ...
  • Take an IDriveSafely Course.
  • Take a Course.
  • Take a MyImprov Course.
  • Take ApprovedCourse Defensive Driving.
Dec 21, 2021

What is the cheapest traffic school online? ›

With prices starting at only $7.95 (depending on your state), iDriveSafely is one of the cheapest online traffic schools available, but it's also one of the most legit. This online traffic school has been around for almost 20 years and they've had more than 5,000,000 people go through their traffic school programs.

How long is drivers ed in WA state? ›

How long does driver's ed take? - Our Driver's Ed class has 17 two-hour classes and WA State Law says the class must be a minimum of 30 days. - Our behind the wheel drives are scheduled one per month and the students need a total of five.

Does Washington State accept online drivers ed? ›

You can complete the required driver improvement course anywhere with internet connection and on any device.

Can parents teach drivers ed in Washington State? ›

Successfully complete an approved driver training course. Online and parent taught traffic safety education are not approved courses in Washington State.

How many questions is the drivers ed final exam in Maryland? ›

Each test includes 25 questions – just like the real knowledge test. You can take the untimed version of the test as many times as you need. Link directly to the Maryland Driver's Manual to study each topic. Take the timed version to ​see if you can pass it within the 20 minutes allowed.

What grade do you need to pass drivers ed NC? ›

This law was passed to help motivate and encourage better grades and high school completion. Students must pass 70% of their courses to receive or maintain their permit and/or license.

What happens if you fail the aceable final exam? ›

You can retake the final exam up to 2 times. After the first failure, there is a specific window of time that you need to take the test. Per state requirement, you need to take your final exam again within 90 days of finishing the course or your account you must retake the course.

Is the Maryland driving test hard? ›

Passing your driving test in Maryland is no easy feat. A new study from Utah-based law firm Siegfried & Jensen found the Maryland test is the third hardest to pass in the U.S. The firm looked at requirements, costs and the difficulty of the knowledge exams and road tests in each state to determine the ranking.

What happens if you fail drivers ed class Maryland? ›

This practice may be with a parent or mentor, or they may take Driver Improvement Lessons. If a student fails the behind the wheel portion, they must practice (this can be with the school or a parent/mentor driver) and then arrange with the school to re-take the failed lesson.

How many questions can you get wrong on a Maryland permit test? ›

The Maryland MVA permit test consists of 25 questions, and you must answer at least 22 questions correctly to get a passing score (88%).

What grade do most students get their license? ›

10th Grade: Driver's Education

This is the year when the majority of teenagers start the driver's licensing process.

What is the last thing you should do before exiting the vehicle? ›

Turn off ignition switch and remove key. Check for traffic prior to exiting vehicle. Open door safely and face traffic when getting out of the vehicle. Secure doors and windows.

Which step of the see process has a driver just taken when he determines what will probably happen in a driving situation? ›

I—Identify—Locate potential hazards within the driving scene. P—Predict—Judge where the possible points of conflict may occur. D—Decide—Determine what action to take, when, and where to take it. E—Execute—Act by maneuvering the car to avoid conflicts.

Does it matter if you get questions wrong on aceable? ›

They serve to test your understanding of the pages you just read. At the same time, they help you to commit new material to memory as a great study tool! If you answer these questions incorrectly, that's ok! It doesn't affect your grade or ability to pass the course.

How many times can you take the final exam on aceable? ›

You have unlimited attempts to pass your final exam! You will simply need to schedule a new session with a proctor for each attempt.

How long is the final aceable test? ›

The Unit I final exam is 2 hours long, and is made up of 60 questions. You will need to earn a 70% or higher to pass! If you fail, don't worry.

How do you answer questions on Aceable? ›

From the website, click the correct answer within 60 seconds and you'll be able to move on. If you fail the question, you'll be asked another question immediately. If you fail the second question, you are locked out of the course and will need to contact our Student Concierges for additional verification!

How many questions are in the Level 1 assessment for aceable? ›

In PTDE, the DPS learner's permit knowledge test happens at the end of Level 1. Passing this test means you're exempt from having to take the written test when you go to the DPS. The test contains 30 multiple-choice questions.

Is aceable final exam proctored? ›

When you are ready to take your final exam with AceableAgent, a list of proctors will be provided to you in our course!


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