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In the Walking Dead comics, Negan is not killed by Rick. He is taken prisoner and Rick hopes that he can be rehabilitated. This does not seem to be the case, however, as Negan continues to be a menace. He eventually escapes and causes even more havoc. It is not clear what happens to him after this, but it is likely that he is killed.


  • 1 What happens to Negan in Walking Dead comics?
  • 2 Does Negan ever die in the comics?
  • 3 Does Negan survive in The Walking Dead?
  • 4 Do Maggie and Negan get together in the comics?
  • 5 Who kills Negan in The Walking Dead comic?
  • 6 Does Negan turn good in the comics?
  • 7 Does Maggie forgive Negan?

What happens to Negan in Walking Dead comics?

In the Walking Dead comics, Negan is killed by Rick Grimes. This happens after a long and brutal fight between the two. Negan is one of the most dangerous and deadly villains in the comics, and Rick Grimes is determined to take him down.

Rick Grimes and his group have been through a lot of challenges and dangerous situations, but Negan is one of the biggest threats they have ever faced. He is a ruthless killer, and he has no problem butchering innocent people. He also has a very strong personality, and he is not afraid to show it.

Rick Grimes is a strong and determined leader, and he is not afraid to stand up to Negan. He knows that it is going to be a difficult battle, but he is willing to do whatever it takes to win. He also has the support of his group, which is important in a fight like this.

The battle between Rick Grimes and Negan is brutal, and it is not a fight that either man wants to lose. In the end, Negan is killed by Rick Grimes, and this is a major victory for the group. It is a major step in taking down Negan and the Saviors, and it shows that they are not afraid to fight back.

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Does Negan ever die in the comics?

Does Negan ever die in the comics? This is a question that has been asked by many fans of The Walking Dead. Negan, who is the leader of the Saviors, is a character who is known for being violent and ruthless. He has killed many people, including Glenn and Abraham.

So does Negan die in the comics? The answer to this question is yes. Negan does die in the comics, and he is killed by Rick. However, it is important to note that the TV show may choose to take a different route and have Negan survive.

In the comics, Negan is killed after a long and brutal battle with Rick. Negan is a formidable opponent, but Rick is eventually able to kill him. This scene is sure to be intense and exciting if it is ever brought to life on TV.

It will be interesting to see how the TV show handles Negan’s death. Will he die in a similar way to how he dies in the comics? Or will the show take a different route and have him survive? Only time will tell.

Does Negan survive in The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television, and it’s no surprise that fans are anxious to know what happens next. One of the most hotly debated topics is whether Negan survives or not.

There’s no definitive answer, but most fans seem to believe that Negan will not survive. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan, has even said that he doesn’t think Negan will make it out of the show alive.

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There are a few reasons why Negan may not survive. For one, Negan is a very controversial character. He’s brutal, ruthless, and often resorts to violence to get what he wants. Many fans simply don’t like him, and some may be eager to see him killed off.

Additionally, Negan is a liability to the group. He’s often at odds with Rick and his team, and he doesn’t always play by the rules. He’s also a major threat to the group, and they could easily do without him.

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Finally, the show is known for killing off major characters. Over the years, we’ve seen many fan favorites killed off, and it’s likely that Negan will be next.

While there’s a good chance that Negan will meet his end, there’s always a chance that he will survive. The show has been known to surprise us, and anything is possible.

Do Maggie and Negan get together in the comics?

Maggie and Negan are two of the most popular characters on “The Walking Dead.” While they have never interacted on the show, many fans are curious about what could happen if they did.

Do Maggie and Negan get together in the comics?

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The answer to that question is a bit complicated. In the comics, Negan is immediately attracted to Maggie and makes a move on her. However, Maggie is not interested and rebuffs his advances.

Negan does not take kindly to being rejected and continues to pursue her. Over time, he becomes more and more obsessed with her. Eventually, he starts to stalk her and even threatens to kill her if she doesn’t come back to him.

Maggie is obviously not happy with this turn of events and tries to stay away from Negan as much as possible. However, he is always there, lurking in the shadows.

Do they get together in the comics?

There is no definitive answer, as the story has not yet been resolved. However, it seems likely that Negan will eventually force Maggie to be with him. He is a very powerful and dangerous man, and she may not be able to escape him.

Who kills Negan in The Walking Dead comic?

In the Walking Dead comic book series, Negan is killed by Maggie Greene. Negan is one of the main villains in the series, and is known for his brutality and cruelty. He is killed by Maggie after she learns that he killed her husband, Glenn.

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Maggie has been planning to kill Negan for a long time, and she finally gets her chance after Rick Grimes and the other survivors capture him. Maggie confront Negan, and tells him that she is going to kill him. He taunts her, but she doesn’t back down. She then proceeds to kill him with her knife.

This scene is one of the most iconic moments in the Walking Dead comic book series, and it is sure to be a major plot point in the upcoming season of the TV show. Negan is a very popular character, and many fans are eagerly waiting to see how he will be killed.

Does Negan turn good in the comics?

No, Negan does not turn good in the comics.

In the comics, Negan is a ruthless killer who takes pleasure in inflicting pain on others. He is also a narcissist who views himself as a superior being.

Although he may seem like a lost cause, Negan does have the potential to be redeemed. However, this is not something that happens in the comics.

Does Maggie forgive Negan?

Maggie has been through a lot over the past year on The Walking Dead. She’s been kidnapped, had her baby taken from her, and seen her husband and sister killed. The most recent tragedy was when her father was killed by Negan.

Many viewers are wondering if Maggie will ever forgive Negan for what he did. It’s unclear what she is thinking, but it’s possible that she could eventually forgive him.

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Maggie has shown that she is a forgiving person. After Glenn’s death, she didn’t want to kill Negan, even though he had killed her husband. She also forgave Simon for his role in the massacre at the Hilltop.

It’s possible that Maggie will eventually forgive Negan, but she is not likely to forget what he has done.


Does Negan die in the Walking Dead comic books? ›

If you've read the comic book titled "Negan Lives!," you are aware that the former villain is not killed off. Instead, he's sentenced to live his life in exile. However, that was not always the character's set fate. Negan was supposed to die by Maggie's hand, according to creator Robert Kirkman.

Who kills Negan in the comic books? ›

In the letter to readers, Kirkman explained that he wrote the full script for The Walking Dead #174 — featuring an ending in which Maggie tracks down and kills Negan to avenge the death of Glenn back in issue #100 — and sent it off to Adlard to draw, only to almost immediately receive a reply from the artist.

What is Negan's comic book ending? ›

In The Walking Dead comic ending, Negan helped the survivors in their final battle. However, when this was over, he knew how much he hurt so many people, including Maggie, and he chose to live as a hermit by himself. He made himself an outcast.

How many times does Negan die? ›

No, Negan does not die in The Walking Dead. He has come close to death on many occasions, and none more so in the season 8 finale when Rick Grimes finally destroys him and his vicious saviors before opting to save his life and make him a prisoner of Alexandria.

Does Rick save Negan in the comics? ›

Eventually, after the Whisperers are seemingly defeated, Rick agreed to let Negan live out on his own as a free man, but away from the inner walls of Alexandria and the other communities.

Does Negan survive his throat? ›

Of course he would have, but no, Rick was good enough to cut Negan in exactly the right spot, in a split second, that somehow just missed his jugular vein and Enid (far from a vascular surgeon) was able to stitch him right back up.

Who is the villain after Negan? ›

Simon is a major antagonist in the AMC television series The Walking Dead. He was a high-ranking member of the Saviors and the right-hand man of their tyrannical founder, Negan. In Season 8, he temporarily acts as the de-facto leader of the Saviors after briefly usurping Negan's position.

Who almost killed Negan? ›

Despite being the villain for many issues (and TV show seasons), Kirkman never did end up offing Negan in the 193 issues of the comic, but that doesn't mean he didn't think about it. In fact, Kirkman revealed he tried to kill Negan three times in the comics, but never could go through with it.

How does The Walking Dead comic end? ›

Carl talks with Lydia, and Aaron and Jesus come up in conversation. Eugene and Michonne are also survivors, he is a railroad engineer, and she is a judge. The comic ends on a happy note as Carl tells the story of Rick Grimes to his daughter. He recounts how the world became safe once again.

Who is carrying Negan's child? ›

Fans haven't gotten to learn a lot about Annie, but by being Negan's wife and carrying his child, she has been brought into the fold, and her story means something. She has proven herself a worthy fighter with great leadership qualities.

Who is Negan's zombie daughter? ›

Alpha (The Walking Dead)
Alpha, as she appears in the comic book series (left) and as portrayed by Samantha Morton in the television series (right).
First appearanceComic: "Issue #132" (2014) Television: "Adaptation" (2019)
Last appearanceComic: "Issue #157" (2016) Television: "Dee" (2022)
Created byRobert Kirkman
8 more rows

Who is Negan's daughter? ›

Negan has finally become a father figure for Lydia, and the show drops any father-daughter relationship that was structurally sound, out of nowhere.

Who did Negan love? ›

Backstory. In season 8, Negan vaguely states that he helped young people improve upon their weaknesses and molded them into stronger individuals. In the season 10 episode "Here's Negan", he is portrayed as having been a high school gym teacher. Negan later met a woman named Lucille and the pair fell in love and married ...

Is Negan more powerful than Rick? ›

He's an extremely muscular person, and stands over a head taller than Rick. Without weapons, he has the clear physical advantage. Rick is also missing his dominant hand, which gives Negan an additional advantage in the fact that he is both stronger, and has more hands to fight with.

How many total kills does Negan have? ›

Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) - 45

Negan has racked up 45 confirmed kills, most using his trademark barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat Lucille.

How did Rick defeat Negan in comics? ›

It turns out that while a number of details and circumstances surrounding Rick and Negan's bloody fight were different, the end outcome was virtually the same. Negan let his guard down, got his throat slit by Rick, and survived – although their confrontation happened at the Hilltop rather than a random field.

Does Negan remarry in the comics? ›

In a huge departure from the comics, Negan has remarried and is expecting a child. Episode writers Jim Barnes and Erik Mountain discuss writing the big reveals with Insider.

Does Maggie forgive Negan? ›

Maggie Finally Forgiving Negan Works (Despite Walking Dead's Spinoff) The Walking Dead slipped a crucial scene in the midst of a larger battle, but Maggie finally forgiving Negan was done right - despite the spinoff.

Does Negan become a whisper? ›

After escaping Alexandria, Negan finds The Whisperers, where he asks to become a member. Yet, it's not until after Alpha seduces him in the woods that Negan is officially inducted into The Whisperers, despite Beta's better judgment.

What did Negan say to Rick when he died? ›

Just after Rick slit Negan's throat, Negan murmured something curious: “The kid didn't know a damn thing.” In his letters to both Rick and Negan, Carl had pleaded for mercy—for the two to put the cycle of violence behind them and work together toward a better future.

Will Maggie sleep with Negan? ›

Thankfully, that never happened. There were way too many moments in the final season of The Walking Dead that appeared to set up a Maggie and Negan romance. Though their interactions occasionally turned somewhat hostile, beneath it all was a palpable sexual tension.

Who was the worst bad guy in The Walking Dead? ›

From the first minute he appeared on screens in Season 7, audiences knew that Negan would be the cruelest villain on The Walking Dead. Wielding Lucille, his trademark bat swanned in barbed wire, Negan violently murdered two beloved characters, Glenn and Abraham, breaking the hearts of long-time fans.

Who is the most evil Walking Dead villain? ›

Negan - Kill Count: 265

Negan is the best-known villain in TWD history, and despite his many wrongdoings, remains a fan-favorite character. But no matter how much he tries to be redeemed, the deaths on his conscience will always weigh heavy on both him and the viewers.

Who is the last villain in The Walking Dead comics? ›

Sebastian Milton is major antagonist in The Walking Dead franchise, serving as the final antagonist of the comic series, and as a major antagonist in the TV series.

Does Negan turn good? ›

No, Negan does not turn into a good guy. In the comics and TV series The Walking Dead, the character of Negan is the leader of the Saviors and one of the main antagonists.

What characters has Negan killed? ›

The Walking Dead: Every Major Character Negan Killed In The Show (& How)
  • Glenn Rhee - Head Smashed By Lucille. ...
  • Spencer Monroe - Disemboweled With A Single Knife Blow. ...
  • Dr. ...
  • Simon - Choked To Death. ...
  • Brandon - Head Bashed In With A Rock. ...
  • Alpha - Throat Slit. ...
  • Beta - Devoured By Walkers. ...
  • Negan Killed 8 Major Characters.
Feb 14, 2023

Who takes over the saviors after Negan? ›

Following Negan's defeat, the Saviors fall under the leadership of Daryl Dixon and all remnants of Negan's ways of leadership are now strictly forbidden, including using chained Walkers as tools.

Does Rick survive the walking dead comics? ›

In The Walking Dead comic book, Rick Grimes is killed by Sebastian Milton. Yes, the same Sebastian Milton that recently met his own demise on the TV series.

Is There A Cure For The Walking Dead? ›

The Walking Dead already began introducing a zombie cure in one spinoff show, now a second has been teased by Fear The Walking Dead season 8. Warning: spoilers ahead for Fear The Walking Dead season 8, episode 2.

Is The Walking Dead comic finished? ›

The Walking Dead comic, created by Kirkman and Tony Moore, was first published in October 2003 and ran for sixteen years, with the final issue, #193, released in July 2019. Kirkman shocked longtime readers when he decided to end the long-running comic book series without warning.

Who did Negan marry? ›

Did Negan know Maggie was pregnant? ›

(Negan, however, didn't know Maggie was pregnant at the time.)

Did Negan and Annie have a baby? ›

In a hospital, Annie and Negan are shown the baby on an ultrasound. The doctor comments that her amniotic fluid is a little high, but they caught it early so they can keep an eye on it.

Did Hershel know Sophia was in the barn? ›

No, it doesn't prove they knew Sophia was in the barn. The Greenes were just against killing walkers in general because they thought they were just sick people that could be rehabilitated. Hershel stated that Otis was the one who gathered the walkers, and Otis died before telling anybody about Sophia.

Who is Negan's pregnant wife? ›

In the series finale, Maggie allowed Negan and his pregnant wife, Annie, to remain part of the group.

Does Negan care about Carl? ›

Negan deeply admired Carl, who served as the spark for the bat-wielding villain's entire redemption. Despite building Negan's redemption arc over several seasons, this single scene in The Walking Dead left a permanent tarnish on his character.

Does Daryl take care of Lydia? ›

Several months after the fair massacre, Lydia has become a daughter like figure to Daryl, being protected and cared by him.

Who is Rosita's daughter father? ›

The Walking Dead revealed the father of Rosita's baby in the latest episodes of the show. It was a mystery that didn't last for very long, even though she still seems to have three important men in her life. The father of the baby is Siddiq (Avi Nash), who has become an important character on the show.

Who is Negan's spy in Rick's group? ›

Simon (The Walking Dead)
First appearance"Last Day on Earth" (2016)
Last appearance"Worth" (2018)
Created byScott M. Gimple Matthew Negrete
Portrayed bySteven Ogg
5 more rows

Did Negan cheat on Lucille? ›

However, she hits her breaking point when not only she finds out she has cancer, but also that Negan is cheating on her with her friend, Janine. When Negan arrives home, she contemplates killing him, but goes against it. Once Negan figures out she has cancer, he breaks up with Janine.

Does Negan have a child? ›

"We would've loved to have had a kid like Carl." While Negan would take a fatherly liking to Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Judith Grimes (Cailey Fleming), there was never a Negan Jr., or another Mrs.

Did Negan hook up with Alpha? ›

The two finally achieve some semblance of intimacy, with Alpha confessing the fear she feels for her missing daughter. In the moment, Negan exposes the vulnerability with a quick flash of a knife, slicing Alpha's throat wide open and severing her head.

Who is stronger Negan or Beta? ›

There's no way that Negan would beat Beta in a one-on-one fight. A lot of Negan's power over people is psychological, not necessarily physical – he's able to convince people that they need him in charge to survive even though they likely could hold their own against him.

Is Negan Smarter Than Rick? ›

Negan is great at reading people, and has a poker face that puts professional players to shame. He knows when to explode with emotion, and when to keep his thoughts and suspicions under wraps. Rick isn't unintelligent, but he doesn't have quite the level of cunning that Negan does.

What was the worst thing Negan did? ›

He is responsible for the deaths of 5 main characters: Abraham Ford, Glenn Rhee, Spencer Monroe, Sasha Williams and Simon. TV Negan is also the first main antagonist to kill more than one main character in one episode (Abraham Ford and Glenn Rhee).

Who has the most kills in The Walking Dead? ›

Kill Counts
  • Rick Grimes (Comics) - 175.
  • Michonne Hawthorne (Comics) - 137.
  • Andrea Grimes (Comics) - 120.
  • The Governor (TV Show) - 79.
  • Samora Sinclair (Fear The Walking Dead: The Althea Tapes) - 59.
  • Shane Walsh (TV Show) - 58.
  • The Governor (Comics) - 44.
  • Theodore "T-Dog" Douglas (TV Show) - 39.

How evil is Negan? ›

After losing his wife, Negan seemingly vowed to himself that he would never again be put in a position where he could be threatened or not provide security for those around him. So, he started to dominate others, and from there, he spiraled into a selfish egomaniac.

How does Maggie die in the comics? ›

Glenn later talks to Maggie about why she hanged herself, about her depression over losing her family and their inability to conceive.

Who kills Rick in the comics? ›

In The Walking Dead comic book, Rick Grimes is killed by Sebastian Milton. Yes, the same Sebastian Milton that recently met his own demise on the TV series. (In the comic, Sebastian lives the rest of his life behind bars for his crime.)

Does Glenn die to Negan in the comics? ›

Years after the shocking event on The Walking Dead, many fans are still asking why did Negan kill Glenn. Anyone who read the comics knew that Glenn was going to die eventually. There was one moment before this episode where it looked like Glenn had died, but he miraculously survived.

Who does Negan get pregnant with? ›

In the series finale, Maggie allowed Negan and his pregnant wife, Annie, to remain part of the group.

Who is Negan in love with? ›

Backstory. In season 8, Negan vaguely states that he helped young people improve upon their weaknesses and molded them into stronger individuals. In the season 10 episode "Here's Negan", he is portrayed as having been a high school gym teacher. Negan later met a woman named Lucille and the pair fell in love and married ...

Who does Negan fall in love with? ›

Given his regret over how badly he treated his first wife, Lucille, it was highly improbable Negan would forsake Annie for Maggie. Negan's love for Annie also confirmed he was never making eyes at Maggie, meaning those hints of sexual chemistry earlier in The Walking Dead season 11 must've been misread.

Does Maggie get pregnant in the comics? ›

It is later revealed that Maggie is actually pregnant, which she happily tells Glenn after he returns back from Hilltop. Her and Glenn agree to go live at the Hilltop Colony because they fear that the Alexandria Safe-Zone is not safe enough for their unborn baby as well as Sophia.

Was Maggie pregnant in the comics? ›

Around this time in the comic books — a little bit later, actually, but close — Maggie discovers that she's pregnant with Glenn's child.

Who does Maggie end up with in the comics? ›

Glenn Rhee

Who becomes the main character after Rick dies? ›

Daryl has been well–received by fans and critics. Initially a member of the recurring cast, Reedus was upgraded to series regular after the first season. Following Andrew Lincoln's departure as Rick in season 9, Reedus got top billing and took over as the series' main protagonist.

Is anyone more powerful than Rick? ›

Turns out Unity is a lot more powerful than Rick since she can consume whole universes. That's the sole purpose of Unity's existence-- to assimilate everything in multiverse though it seems to prefer to do it one planet at a time or rather slowly, thankfully.

Who dies first by Negan? ›

To further coerce them, Negan selects one of them to bash in their head with "Lucille", a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. His selected victim is Abraham, who remains defiant after the first strike. Negan proceeds to pulverize Abraham's head to a pulp, as the others recoil in horror.

What did Glenn mean by I'll find you? ›

On the meaning of Glenn's last words to Maggie — “I'll find you” — his TV wife, Lauren Cohan, added: “In this life or the next, they're star-crossed lovers. Time and place doesn't erase that. I'll find you. I'll be with you.

Does Glenn meet his son? ›

13 Fathers Never Meeting Their Children

The same story was done all over again in Season seven when father-to-be Glenn was killed by Negan before he ever got to meet his future son, and again in Season nine when Rick was presumed dead without ever getting the chance to meet the child he fathered with Michonne.


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