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Companions in Divinity: Original Sin 2 play a very important role as they add variety to the gameplay and help out during battles. Each companion has unique talents, its own history, dialog threads.

In total, you can find 6 companions in the game, but only 4 of them can be in your group. You can choose them based on personal preferences, each will be useful in its own way.

The Red Prince

Initially, the Red Prince is a Warrior who is able to knock out enemies, as well as strengthen the physical armor of allies or himself using the Fortify geomancy skill.

Racial abilities: the Demonic sign that draws out the enemy’s magic armor, which will require the resources of the Source (you will find it after), and the Dragon’s Flame – a kind of fireball in the area, igniting opponents and causing them magical damage.

In short, the story of the Red Prince is as follows: he is the heir to the ancient empire of lizards, which is now in conflict with the Divine Order of people, headed by Bishop Alexander.

For communication with demons, the prince was expelled from his state and deprived of all the rights to the throne. Moreover, in order to eliminate the potential threat, the House of Shadows sent hired assassins after him, who regularly attempt to assassinate him. Now the Red Prince intends to return what belongs to him by right, and you are free to help him in this difficult matter.

In what situations should I take The Red Prince?

1. Take Red Prince if you need a hero, who deals good physical damage. Since this character is a fighter, he has good physique and strength, which is also very useful for the team. Start the battle with skills: battle stomp, bouncing shield, and fortification.

2. You can make a magician out of the Red Prince, but still he will show himself better in close combat.

3. If you decide to make a magician out of him, then this hero has a special source of the demonic gaze skill. This skill drains the enemy’s magical defense and transfers it to the Prince, which is a big bonus.

4. The Red Prince also has good resistance to the elements, or rather to fire and poison. Moreover, it has a fiery breath that can set objects on fire. So grab it if you have problems defending against the elements or want to set things on fire.

5. Moreover, if you choose this character, the game will better reveal to you the past of the Red Prince, as well as tell more about the race of lizards.

Where to find Red Prince

Campanion is located south of the shipwreck, near the beach. A possible companion can be found at the edge of the cliff. If at some point you kick him out of team, re-invite you again have to go this area.

The exact coordinates: X — 168, Y — 279.

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The Beast

The Beast is a Warmage who possesses the Stunning Touch and Blinding Flurry skills.

The racial abilities of the hero: Dwarf cunning and Strong.

The beast is a master of the sea business and is well versed in ships. He spent half of his life at sea and saw many miracles. But his wanderings were not without horrors.

The Queen of Dwarfs – vengeful and unprincipled – seeks to enslave the rest of the world, while not disdaining to use the most ruthless methods. She really is a threat to the whole world of the living, and therefore the Beast wants to kill her.

1. Take The Beast if you need a team tank. Dwarves gain good vitality and dodge bonus. Despite the fact that he was originally a battle mage, you can make an excellent tank out of him.

2. The character will be good for balancing physical and magical damage in a team. As I mentioned, the Beast class at the start is a battle mage (it can be changed), which gives him the skills of blinding radiance, battering ram and shocking touch.

3. The Beast is good if you need skills to desable your enemies. As a dwarf, he can start combat with skills such as Petrifying Touch and Blinding Squall.

4. Moreover, you can learn more about the world of gnomes, complete quests with the participation of Queen Justinia, as well as meet other gnomes playing in a squad with the Beast.

Where to find Beast

Beast is located on the west of Fort Joy. On the shore you will see a dilapidated ship that will repair the satellite.


Sebilla’s class is a Thief, which initially has skills like Throwing Knife (throwing a blade from afar), Adrenaline (instantly gaining 2 MP this turn, but losing 2 MP next), and Retaliation.

Sebilla’s racial abilities: Sacrifice of Flesh (loss of a unit of constitution on the next turn, but gaining 1 AP in the current one) and Breaking the shackles (resetting negative effects, will require the power of the Source).

Sebilla will stand in ambush before you, watching Stingtail. When you interrupt her, she will put a needle to your throat and threaten to kill you. Try to calm her down and offer her help to calm down and then agree to join your group.

Sebilla’s story is simple: in the past she was caught by some kind of lizard that kept her in slavery for many years. At one point, the elf managed to break free, and now she knows nothing but satisfaction of her anger, and seeks nothing but revenge. Sibylla wants to finish off her former master, in which the hand of her faithful comrade will come in handy.

When I need to take Sebille?

1. Take Sebilla if you need a sneaky character. Her default class is rogue. She receives bonus points of agility and the ability to sneak unnoticed. Moreover, she has the ability to attack in the back with high damage.

2. If you want to take a corpse eater talante and unlock the memories of the dead, then Sebilla is your choice. Eating corpses gives this character HP, and can also reveal lots of additional information.

3. Sebilla can restore her AP when needed, so he rarely has problems with maneuverability and movement. So if you lack this, then feel free to take her.

4. By taking Sebilla you can learn more about the elves and save the race. Oddly enough, being an elf, Sebilla reveals most of the elven knowledge.

Where to find Sebille

Sebille — in order to choose this elf as a companion, you need to go to the southern gate of Fort Joy. On the way, you will find Stingtail Camp, near the boat wreckage and Sebille. It is worth considering the fact that she really does not like lizards, so if you play for this race or there is a Red Prince in your team, constant quarrels cannot be avoided.

The exact coordinates of Sebille: X — 180, Y — 102.


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Initially, Lohse is a Mage, who use hail (freeze + damage), electrical discharge (lightning strike) and recovery (HP regeneration).

Racial abilities: this is Inspiration (increasing the basic characteristics of allies in a certain radius) and Crazy Song (the skill drives crazy both enemies and friends who are nearby, after which they begin to attack anyone (it will require Source points).

In the past, Lowse was a minstrel who traveled the world and gave concerts with her troupe. She was always distinguished by great cheerfulness and unconventional outlook on the world, so unconventional that it could not be explained by ordinary talent.

It turned out that in Louse’s head there are voices that filled the course of her life with rich colors. This continued until a certain moment, until the rest of the souls were drowned out by a certain demon, whose goal is to take possession of the heroine’s mind.

Louse often lose control of herself due to the evil entity that dwells in her, and that’s why she needs your support. She wants to find a mystic who can help get rid of the parasite.

When should I take Lohse?

1. Chouse Lohse if you need a magician. Being an enchanter, she starts with such skills like electric discharge, rain and hail strike. She’s great for shocking enemiesand dealing damage!

2. This character has a maddening song. This is a special skill that she starts with. This skill makes enemies attack each other. A very useful disable in a fight.

3. If you don’t have enough damage, Lohse has a great talent for critical hit chance. The talent grants her 5% additional critical strike chance and 10% additional critical strike multiplier.

4. If you want to go through the Lohse quest line and meet one of the most difficult bosses in the game, then feel free to take her as a team!

Where to find Lohse

You can find Lohse in Fort Joy, behind the Kitchen Camp near the statue of the deity.

Lohse’s exact coordinates: X — 203, Y — 166.

You will meet this man with a crossbow in the city square, where he will protect the elf from some brute. You can help the elf or pass by. Your decision will not affect Ifan in any way. Ask him to join you, and then he will agree (under certain conditions).

Ifan’s class is the Wanderer, who is capable of dealing high damage with ranged weapons, and also uses the skills of geomancy.

His initial skills: Poisoning Fang of the Archer, Infection and Petrified Strike (all techniques are tied to the earth element, that is, the school of geomancy).

The racial abilities of the hero: Inspire and Summon the soul of the wolf Ifan (the second will require the power of the Source).

Ifan’s story is straightforward, but interesting. Once he served in the army of the Divine Order, but then, disappointed in their methods and goals, he decided to leave the hated ranks.

However, Ifan did not go to the bottom and chose a different option: to stop the atrocities of the Order, stabbing him right in the heart, that is, on Bishop Alexander. It is the current head of the Divine Order, Ifan, who wants to finish off, in which he needs your help.

Why I need Ifan?

1. If you don’t have enough damage, you need an archer who often deals a lot of damage with critical hits thanks to his talent. Ifan is a wanderer by default. The character starts the game with the skills “Attach”, “Fossil Strike” and “Arrowheads of the Elements”.

2. If you want to interact with animals, Ifan is an excellent choice. Animals can give additional knowledge and special quests, so it’s an extremely useful skill.

3. Ifan has another useful ability – summon a wolf, which can also help you in battles. By absorbing and damaging enemies, the wolf can become a good ally and protector on the battlefield.

4. If you want to find out about a gang of mercenaries, of which Ifan is a part, then you should take him with you. Ifan’s primary target is Alexandar, son of Lucian the Divine.

Where can I find Ifan Ben-Mezd

Ifan Ben-Mezdis located near the entrance to Fort Joy, in a group of elves and humans. To recapture this character, you have to go to the field kitchen.

Ifan’s exact coordinates are X -204, Y — 136.

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Fein is a Warlock by default. His abilities are associated with necromancy, namely: A swarm of mosquitoes (sucks out the vital juices of enemies), Bloodsucker (increases health by absorbing pools of blood under him), etc.

Racial Skills: Feign Dead (if you are playing alone, enemies will immediately lag behind you; during combat and there are living companions, enemies will not pay attention to you for three turns) and Time Warp (your next turn will start immediately; will require Source Points).

Fein has one of the most interesting stories among the rest of the party members. This dead man belongs to an ancient civilization that has long disappeared, leaving behind only a few survivors.

Apart from Fein himself, the so-called Seven – the gods of the current races of Rivellon – also live in the world, and this hero belongs to their family. He seeks to find out what happened to his race and is there any way to turn back time? He can find answers to these difficult questions only in your company.

Why Fane is so interesting?

1. If you want to make a game harder, you need Fane! As an undead, Fane is take damage from healing spell. You can heal him only with the poison.

2. If you want to open chests without keys, you need Fane. He can open chest using his bone fingers. Moreover, you can upgreade this skill.

3. If you need some more magical damage, so you need to keep a Fane with you. As he is a wizard by default, Fane starts out with searing daggers, fossil strike, and ignition, all skills that can deal good fire and explosive damage. He also can increas the range of his skills by talante.

4. If you want to know some more information about the whole world of Divinity Original Sin 2, so you need to take Fane with you. He is very old character with many secrets.

Where can I get Fane?

To gain access to Fane you need to complete the “Teleporter” quest, tell Gavin that you own the Teleportation Gloves.

Fane is located in a hidden alcove in the north of the location.

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