Destiny 2 The Witch Queen: The Investigation Legendary Mission Walkthrough (2023)

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  • Modifiers And Recommended Loadout
  • Investigate Savathun's Throne World
  • Follow The Signal
  • Rendezvous With The Contact
  • Escape The Fortress

The Investigation is the second mission in The Witch Queen campaign for Destiny 2. It serves as an introduction to the Throne World zone, the second type of Lucent Lightbearer you'll fight throughout the campaign, and it introduces the Deepsight mechanic.

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While this mission doesn't seem to have a Master variant as of writing, the Legendary version of this mission can be difficult if you're attempting this solo or flawlessly. This guide will go over the best subclass and weapons to bring, and we'll break down the best way to complete each encounter. And if you haven't started the Legendary campaign yet, give our walkthrough of The Arrival mission a look.

Modifiers And Recommended Loadout

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen: The Investigation Legendary Mission Walkthrough (1)

Legendary Difficulty

Power Level



Your effective Power is capped at 1,350


Heavily shielded and highly aggressive combatants appear in great numbers.


Radar is disabled.


Combatants have more health and are more difficult to stun.

Fire Pit

When defeated, Acolytes spawn fire pools that cause damage over time.

Legendary has the same modifiers as The Arrival, pitting you against somewhat tanky enemies that have stronger shields, more health, and deal a little more damage than normal. Chaff and Fire Pit are especially dangerous modifiers in this mission, so watch your back.

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Bottom Tree Sunbreaker


Voidwalker or Shadebinder

Hunters should stick to Revenant for this mission. Most of the encounters involve swarms of enemies that spawn in predictable locations. A single Duskfield or a few Withering Blades can make a huge difference, and Silence and Squall is fantastic for the last encounter.

Titans should consider using Bottom Tree Sunbreaker. This spec gives you access to Sunspots and the powerful Sun Warrior buff. Sunspots can help lockdown certain spawn locations, and Sun Warrior lets you spam abilities and have a constant 20% damage buff.

Warlocks can use either Voidwalker or Shadebinder for this mission. Voidwalker can carve through enemies with ease by utilizing Devour and Child of the Old Gods. Shadebinders can use Bleak Watcher turrets to stunlock most enemies, making the last encounter downright trivial.

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Breaks shields easily, carves through Hive Knights, and can deal great damage from a distance.


Great for spawn killing enemies and dealing consistent damage to bosses.


Quite a few enemies deal Arc damage, giving you damage resistance and great add-clearing potential.

Rat King

Get a kill and reload to become invisible, making it much easier to reposition and heal.


It hits like a truck and pairs nicely with this season's Lucent Finisher mod.

Arbalest is great if you're struggling to kill Hive Knights. It instantly breaks their shields and debuffs them for 50% more damage upon doing so. It deals great damage from all ranges, is ammo efficient, and works against Champions if this mission ever gets a Master variant.

Witherhoard excels at dealing with adds and majors alike. This weapon comes especially handy during the final two encounters.

Riskrunner is a solid pick for the final encounter. Quite a few enemies deal Arc damage in this mission, activating Riskrunner's Exotic perk. This makes the gun shoot chain lightning and grant you damage resistance.

Rat King is not a joke; it's incredibly strong for solo content. Get a kill, reload, and enjoy a few seconds of invisibility. It works with every class and subclass.

Gjallarhorn deals immense damage and has tons of ammo. Pair this weapon with this season's Lucent Finisher mod to give yourself more ammo.

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Investigate Savathun's Throne World

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen: The Investigation Legendary Mission Walkthrough (2)

You'll start the mission in Savathun's Throne World, just outside of her cathedral. Make your way back to the entrance of the cathedral. A few Hive enemies will be guarding the area, so clear them out. A rather tanky Hive Knight will charge at you when you arrive. Use your Special weapon to kill them.

Shortly after killing the initial group of Hive a Lucent Lightbearer will spawn to the left of the cathedral entrance. It's the same enemy type you fought in the previous mission. Avoid its shield throw attacks whenever it enters its Super, and use your Heavy weapon to make short work of this miniboss. Stasis can also stunlock the Lightbearer, freezing it long enough to force the Knight out of its Super. Remember to crush its Ghost once you've killed the Knight.

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen: The Investigation Legendary Mission Walkthrough (3)

It looks like Savathun's cathedral is locked, so you'll need to find another way through the Throne World. Backtrack to where you start, and you should see a green forcefield blocking a pathway. Two Hive Knights will be protecting this field, both of which have Arc shields. Killing both of them will reveal a Deepsight orb near the back of the courtyard. Interact with it. Your Deepsight vision will reveal some nearby platforms, leading you to a nearby building.

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen: The Investigation Legendary Mission Walkthrough (4)

Deepsight is a 30-second buff that alters the environment around you. While active, new platforms will be created, statues will change, and entire walls might be lifted. Use these Deepsight orbs whenever possible to find the path forward.

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Follow The Signal

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen: The Investigation Legendary Mission Walkthrough (5)

4 Images

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen: The Investigation Legendary Mission Walkthrough (6)
Destiny 2 The Witch Queen: The Investigation Legendary Mission Walkthrough (7)
Destiny 2 The Witch Queen: The Investigation Legendary Mission Walkthrough (8)
Destiny 2 The Witch Queen: The Investigation Legendary Mission Walkthrough (9)

You should now be in a dark maze inhabited by a few Hive Thrall. For the first part, you'll want to keep heading right whenever possible. You'll eventually reach a cavernous room with a Deepsight orb near the bottom. Use the orb to find your way forward.

3 Images

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen: The Investigation Legendary Mission Walkthrough (10)
Destiny 2 The Witch Queen: The Investigation Legendary Mission Walkthrough (11)
Destiny 2 The Witch Queen: The Investigation Legendary Mission Walkthrough (12)

Continue exploring until you reach a T-shaped corridor that seems to be a dead end. You'll want to head right. Defeat the Thrall and Knight residing in the room, then activate the Deepsight orb in the corner. Backtrack to the corridor and go in the opposite direction. The Deepsight will create platforms you can climb on to reach the next room.

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen: The Investigation Legendary Mission Walkthrough (13)

That next room contains a small group of Cursed Thralls and a Hive Knight. This room is quite dangerous if you're going for flawless, so play on the defensive. Use Stasis or any AoE weapons to quickly kill the Thrall, then eliminate the Knight. A short run will lead you outside.

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen: The Investigation Legendary Mission Walkthrough (14)

Outside of the maze, you'll need to fight across the Florescent Canal to reach this mysterious contact. Multiple Taken Knights are present here, so use your Super. Melt them as fast as you can, then push forward. A Hive Ogre will be guarding the path, nothing a Heavy weapon can't deal with. At this point, we recommend hopping on your Sparrow to bypass the rest of the enemies.

The gate will be guarded by yet another group of Hive. Kill the Knight as soon as possible, then focus on the Acolytes. When finished, grab any nearby ammo and reload your weapons. It's time to start an encounter.

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Destiny 2 The Witch Queen: The Investigation Legendary Mission Walkthrough (15)

Encounter Breakdown


Hold the area until the gate opens.

Notable Enemies

Hive Knights



A nearby gate is preventing you from further exploring Savathun's Throne World. You'll need to defend a nearby Hive pillar to lower the gate. Stand on the pillar when you're ready.

Enemies will begin to swarm the pillar from across the gate. Most will spawn near the patch of land the pillar is on, although some will spawn on the road towards the end of the encounter. Your main threat is the Hive Knight enemies that periodically spawn, usually accompanied by a Hive Moth. Stasis, Sunspots, and any persisting AoE effects work wonders during this part. Should you get swarmed, back off the plate and take the enemies out from a distance; standing on the plate will spawn more enemies. Once you've fully captured the plate, hop on your Sparrow and book it to the newly-opened gate. Follow the path to the next encounter.

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Escape The Fortress

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen: The Investigation Legendary Mission Walkthrough (16)

Encounter Breakdown


Defeat the Hive and Scorn guarding the exit.

Notable Enemies

Barrier Guard Knights, Scorn Abominations, Lucent Lightbearer (Wizard)



This is the hardest encounter in this mission. You'll spawn just outside of a Hive vs. Scorn battle. Interrupt the fight with a well-placed grenade or AoE weapon. Focus on the Abomination and the Barrier Guard Knight. Clean up the nearby enemies when done.

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen: The Investigation Legendary Mission Walkthrough (17)

Killing these enemies will spawn three Abominations and Barrier Guard Knights, one on each side of the arena. Focus on clearing out the left, middle, or right side at a time; trying to clear all three at once will get you killed. When clearing a particular side, try your best to stick to cover, avoiding any Taken Thrall closing on your location. This is where Witherhoard, Stasis, or Sunspots come in handy. Many of the enemies spawn in predictable areas on the map (usually near the middle path), so a good AoE weapon can one-shot a pack of enemies. Clear out the adds on a given side, then kill the Abomination and Guard Knight. Feel free to use your Heavy on them.

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen: The Investigation Legendary Mission Walkthrough (18)

When all three sides are clear, a Lucent Lightbearer will spawn at the middle road. This is effectively a Stormcaller Warlock disguised as a Hive Wizard, utilizing Stormtrance and Lightning Grenades to flush you out of cover. While deadly, the Lightbearer is quite passive and won't push your location if you keep your distance. Your best bet is to damage the Lightbearer from afar, preferably with your Heavy weapon. The Wizard will deploy a Healing Rift if it takes enough damage, so be quick.

Damaging her enough will spawn two Barrier Guard Knights. This is when you'll want to Super and use your grenades. Give the Wizard everything you've got, then crush its Ghost. When finished, follow the waypoint on your HUD to meet your contact, ending the mission.

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How do I complete the investigation mission in The Witch Queen campaign? ›

The Investigation Walkthrough – Destiny 2 Witch Queen
  1. Investigate Savathun's Throne World.
  2. Defeat the Lucent Hive.
  3. Follow the Signal.
  4. Rendezvous with the Contact.
  5. Escape the Fortress.
  6. Barrier Guards defeated (3 total)
  7. Combatants defeated (3 total)
  8. Rendezvous with the Contact.
Feb 22, 2022

What do you get for completing The Witch Queen campaign on legendary difficulty? ›

As a reward for completing the whole campaign on Legendary, you will receive: A full set of 1520 Power level gear. Eight Upgrade Modules. The Triumph required to complete the Throne World's seal.

Do you get anything for beating Witch Queen on legendary? ›

Completing the entire Destiny 2: Witch Queen Legendary campaign gives the following rewards: 1520 Power level gear set (20 above the 1500 soft cap, 30 below the 1550 Power cap) Triumph required for completing the Throne World's seal / title. Exclusive emblem (claimed from the Triumph)

What is the hardest quest in Witch Queen? ›

The Ghosts is one of the hardest missions in the Witch Queen campaign for Destiny 2. Guardians will need to fight the third and final type of Lightbearer, destroy an army of Scorn, and defeat a Baron to finish this mission. It's a serious challenge on Legendary and a test of patience on Master.

Can you complete The Witch Queen campaign without buying it? ›

All players will be able to complete the introduction mission for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, whether you've purchased the DLC or not. It's also worth noting that the new campaign has a Classic and Legend difficulty, so players can choose which setting to play on.

Can you solo legendary campaign Witch Queen? ›

Destiny story campaigns are always content you can play solo. They don't require matchmaking, and while you can take a team into them, they're never especially taxing.

How long to complete Witch Queen Legendary campaign? ›

Assuming you watch all the cutscenes in between and don't rush your playthrough, Destiny 2: The Witch Queen will take between 6 and 8 hours to complete the campaign.

Can you redo The Witch Queen campaign on legendary? ›

Yes you can replay any mission that you have already completed.

What is the final mission of Witch Queen legendary? ›

The final mission of Destiny 2's Witch Queen campaign is one of its hardest. After fighting Lucent Lightbearers and the Scorn, it's time to bring the fight to Savathun herself. This mission is a true test of patience and enemy management, especially on higher difficulties.

What is the difference between Witch Queen and legendary campaign? ›

Destiny 2's new expansion The Witch Queen introduces a campaign with two different difficulty modes: Brave for those who want an easier campaign experience, and Legendary for those who want a real challenge and double the rewards.

How many legendary missions are in Witch Queen? ›

The Witch Queen campaign is divided into eight decently long missions.

How hard is witch queen solo legendary? ›

Legendary mode is difficult and stressful because what your Guardian is going through is difficult and stressful. For me, the challenge is what made the story so emotionally compelling. The Legendary campaign is good because it's hard, but being hard is not what makes it good.

What is the soft cap level for witch queen? ›

The new Power level soft cap is 1500. Every piece of gear you pick up will have a chance to raise your Power level until you reach 1500.

What is the fastest power level witch queen? ›

By playing the Legendary campaign, you can skip the soft cap grind entirely and cut 20 levels into the powerful grind. This by far is the most efficient way to level in The Witch Queen.

Do you get an exotic at the end of Witch Queen? ›

Because the Exotics offered by Ikora at the end of The Witch Queen's campaign are guaranteed to have bad stat rolls, players should choose the one they are not interested in and farm the other through Lost Sectors instead. Furthermore, the Exotics Ikora offers as rewards are Pinnacle gear.

What do you get for beating Lightfall on legendary? ›

Destiny 2 Lightfall Legendary campaign rewards

New Exotic Armor: Upon finishing the Lightfall campaign, you'll get to choose one of the two new Lightfalll Exotic armor pieces for your Class as a reward. You can get the other armor piece in Legend Lost Sectors.

What light level is the legendary Witch Queen campaign? ›

Those courageous enough to try their hand at the Legendary Witch Queen campaign will need to prepare themselves, especially when starting at the measly level 1350 light.

Can you farm The Witch Queen campaign? ›

After completing enough Investigations at The Enclave, you'll be able to play the Witch Queen weekly playlist, allowing you to farm one Witch Queen campaign mission for rewards. One of these rewards is an Ascendant Alloy, its drop chance being determined by the difficulty you select.

Can you access the enclave without Witch Queen? ›

The missions required to access the Enclave are free to all players. You do not need to own The Witch Queen expansion to access weapon crafting.

Can I still play Shadowkeep after Witch Queen? ›

This means that Shadowkeep, Beyond Light, The Witch Queen and future expansions will always stay playable.

Is the legendary campaign worth it? ›

If you're up to the challenge of the Legendary Lightfall campaign, then you should certainly attempt it. The rewards are worth the effort. But if you just want to enjoy the story and grind after, then holding off may be the option for you in Destiny 2. And that's all.

Do you have to beat Witch Queen on legendary for osteo striga? ›

In order to get hold of Osteo Striga, you'll first need to complete The Witch Queen's story campaign. That can be an investment in and of itself, as the campaign is pretty long, especially if you play it on Legendary difficulty.

How do you investigate the Scorn Witch Queen? ›

Scan a Scorn corpse

To find this corpse, head to the Miasma zone of Savathun's Throne World. In Miasma, head to the right after entering the zone and you should be in the same spot we are in the map above. Activate the nearby Deepsight, and look immediately to the right. You'll see a Scorn corpse.

How do you complete the Evidence Board in Destiny 2? ›

Search all 3 locations for the sources of the resonance: Quagmire, Florescent Canal, and Miasma. Follow the new resonance to Witch's Echo to collect another Osmic Fragment. Collect the Osmic Fragment. Log the evidence and review the case on the Evidence Board in the Enclave.


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