15 Of The Worst Characters From 'The Walking Dead' (2023)

Everyone has those characters that they just can't seem to get used to. They hate them more and more each episode, no matter what. Hit TV show The Walking Dead is no exception. We've gathered up the most hated characters on the show (whether they've passed on or are still alive) and know that everyone will agree: these characters suck.

15 Lori

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Oh, Lori. Shehad the potential to be a great character. However, shecheated on herhusband (although, she did think he was dead), acted like nothing was herfault and always lost track of Carl. Herlack of faith in herhusband, Rick, showed in almost every episode and shesent Glenn on a mission for abortion pills that shedidn't even take (he almost died during that run, too). The worst thing about heris how even after Rick sacrificed everything for herand Carl (as well as the rest of the group), she didn't trust him and still had feelings for Shane.

Shewas right about one thing, though. Shedidn't win any Mother of the Year awards. And unfortunately, shenever will.

14 Andrea

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Andrea is one of those characters that you really want to like, but just can't. Trust us, we've tried time and time again. We get that after her sister Amy died shewasfilled with sadness, but shelet that take over hermind and turn herinto this awful monster that didn't care about anything or anyone (shebroke Dale's heart by doing that. He thought of herlike a daughter, and sherepaid him by being reckless and telling him to leave heralone? Nice).

The only good thing about Andreais that she introduced Michonne to the group. And, by the way, shetreated Michonne like crap, too! Leaving her (and Rick's group) to join up with the Governor? Ugh. We're glad shedidn't make it to season four. We can't help but wonder if shewould see the good in Negan, too.

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13 Beth

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No matter what you say, Beth was a worthless character. She didn't show us how strong she could be until the last few episodes before she died. We get it, Beth—you lost your mom, you lost your friends and you even lost yourself. When your dad and Maggie tried to help you, you ended up locking yourself in the bathroom and tried to kill yourself.

There were certain things about Beth that we did like. For example, she sang to the group when they were scared and upset (and was a damn good singer, too). She was also good with Judith.If Beth showed us who she was when she was first introduced to the show, we might not be complaining about her. However, she didn't, so we are complaining.

12 Eugene

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Eugeneis aliar, fraud and pretty terrible character. He claimed to have the cure for the walker apocalypse which led Rosita and Abraham down a rocky path with him, only to find out that he was lying about the entire thing. Why did he do this? He wanted to look like a hero. He was never a scientist. He was a coward that didn't know how to survive without being protected and used Rosita and Abraham as bodyguards.

Once they found out he was lying, everything went downhill for Eugene. He lost the trust of Abraham (however gained it back before Abraham passed) and is still not liked by Rosita. Rick's group is okay with him, as long as he doesn't get in their way. It just goes to show, you can't lie about who you are even when most of the people you knew die. The truth will always come out.

11 Carl

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The sweet little boy that we loved is gone. What's left is a corrupt, whiny teenager that disobeys even the simplest of orders given. He puts his life (as well as others' lives) in danger, time and time again. Perhaps Carl losing his eye was some kind of screwed up karma? Think about it. Remember the way he treated Rick after the prison was taken over and the group was torn apart? He wished that his dad was dead!He wished it was just him, Judith and Shane (who just so happens to be Judith's father, no surprise there).

Also, if you're caught up on the most recent episode, he went AFTER Negan...alone! So now, Rick and the group will be left wondering where Carl is (again).

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10 Ed

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Who remembers this piece of crap? No one? Let us remind you who this evil monster is. Carol's ex-husband, Ed, was one of the most terrible characters. We are so glad that he was killed off when he was. He was lazy, abusive and arrogant. Not to mention how sexist he was. He told all the women that they should be happy they get to wash his clothes and be in his presence. He's not even good-looking, no one wanted to be in his presence!

Carol's response to his attitude was "it's just the way it is." No, it's the way she let it be. If only Ed could see hernow. We doubt he would even try to lay a finger on her. Better yet, she probably would have killed him.

9 Lizzie

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Lizzie...she is psychotic. She killed her own sister to "prove that walkers are friendly" after watching them kill herfriends. She tried to kill Judith, too! Thankfully hermadness ended when Carol took her out. At least she got to 'look at the flowers' when shepassed. What did hersister, Mika, get to look at? Nothing. She was terrified and confided in her.

She played with walkers, fed them mice (which caused them to invade the prison) and put everyone in danger. Thankfully, she's no longer able to put anyone in danger.

8 The Governor

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God, the things we could say about this man. What a vile piece of crap. Sure, he lost his wife to the apocalypse (and his daughter), but so did everyone else! The Governor is one of those characters that you learn the entire backstory about and still hate. There were like four episodes back to back about the Governor and we hated every single one. He's psychotic! He tied up walkers and had "valiant humans" fight them (and called it entertainment). It's as if he was mocking the entire apocalypse and everyone who was affected by it.

His blood-lust for revenge was ridiculous, too. Taking Maggie and Glenn hostage to learn more about Michonne, using Andrea as a pawn to learn more about Rick's group and keeping his dead daughter hidden from the world because he had separation issues? Ugh, we could go on and on about how vile he was. Plus, he killed Hershel in front of the group. For that, he'll always be one of the worst characters known on this show.


7 Merle

15 Of The Worst Characters From 'The Walking Dead' (9)

If you like racist, sexist jerks, Merle must be one of your favorite characters. He was locked on the roof in season one because of his terribleracial slurs and temper. What's worse is when he asked for forgivenessand then took it back as soon as he saw a way out. Not only did he hurt characters from Rick's group, but he was the Governor's righthand (er, should we say left hand?) man! He changed (a little bit) before he was killed off, but it doesn't change who he truly was.

He tortured Maggie and Glenn, too. If that isn't a reason to put him on the sh*t list, we don't know what is. Sure, we all cried when he died, but let's be honest—it was because we were upset for Daryl.

6 Rosita

15 Of The Worst Characters From 'The Walking Dead' (10)

Rosita is one of those characters that you either like a lotor not at all. For us, it's the latter. It's obvious that she had something going on with Abraham, however, she wanted nothing to do with him after a while. Then, she became extremely jealous when he moved on and started liking Sasha more. Rosita reminds us of a grumpy teenager. She dresses in skimpy clothes, gets upset when she's not getting the amount of attention she wants and always tries to make things about herself.

We think if she acted like a mature woman (and didn't go after walkers to find ammo and guns while breaking the rules and potentially hurting the group) we'd start liking her a little more. We don't see that happening, though.

5 Spencer

15 Of The Worst Characters From 'The Walking Dead' (11)

Ugh, Spencer—Deanna's son, one of the most annoying characters on the show right now. Honestly, we don't wish death upon (many) characters, but if Spencer could be taken out, we'd greatly appreciate it. If you're caught up on TWD, you know that recently Negan went to Alexandria to collect all of the guns Rick's group owned (plus half of what they have). Thanks to Spencer, Negan almost killed off Olivia (the woman in charge of keeping track of the food and gun count) because he hid two of the guns under a floorboard in his home.

Aside from recent events, he's arrogant, thinks the world of himself and believes that Rick is unfit to be the leader (does henot remember what happened when Shane thought Rick was unfit to be leader?). Spencer needs to get off of his high horse before he's knocked off it.

4 Shane

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What a fire-starter. Shane is (and will probably always be) one of the most hated characters from the show. While his intentions were originally good, he developed a temper and started acting like a pathetic ten-year-old when he didn't get his way. He always caused fights between characters and went where he shouldn't have gone (the barn on Hershel's farm, for example. Yes, we found Sophia, but really Shane? There could have been an easier way to open the doors).

We can't really blame it all on Shane though, can we? After all, it takes two to tango. Lori couldn't make up her mind whether she wanted him to stay or to go. That would drive anyone mad. Plus, he felt like he needed to protect everyone, hence how he handled situations.

3 Negan

15 Of The Worst Characters From 'The Walking Dead' (13)

Does this really surprise you? Negan is one of the most hated characters on the show right now. While he does have a certain funny charm about him, he's downright terrible. He killed off Abraham and Glenn and threatened the lives of so many others. He takes things from everyone claiming that what's theirs is his and what's his is, well, his. He makes the Governor look like a good man (and that's hard to do).

Whether you liked Glenn or Abraham doesn't matter at this point. Negan is evil. He's going to kill more, he's going to threaten more people and he's said that he wants to get with Maggie. Truly disgusting.

2 Daryl

15 Of The Worst Characters From 'The Walking Dead' (14)

We can hear you screaming at the screen, "Daryl?! You can't be serious!" Oh, but we are. Daryl is one of the most popular characters. For what reasons, though? Because of the actor thatplays his character? Because he's "unbelievably hot"? Do you remember in the first season when he was just as much a jerk as his brother, Merle? Probably not, you're too fixated on his looks! Newsflash, everyone! He's also the reason Negan killed Glenn. Thanks, Daryl. We really, really hate you for that.

Plus, Daryl isn't even in the comic book for TWD. He's close to Rick and the group, and we aren't saying that he's a crappy character. His actions and sometimes short-fused temper, however? Well, that's crappy.

1 Father Gabriel

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Although this character has done a 360 recently, Father Gabriel is still one of the worst characters on the show. He believes that Rick's group was sent to him as a punishment from his "God" and turns his back on them while in Alexandria (remember how he told Deanna that Rick and his group were nothing but cold-blooded killers?). Thisis slightly hypocritical, because he's caused groups of people to be killed by walkers from denying them shelter in his church.

Like we stated before, he has done a complete 360 which has resulted in him gaining forgiveness from members of Rick's group. We still aren't fond of him. No one turns on Rick and the gang without a death wish.


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