10 Saddest Deaths In Fear The Walking Dead (2023)

By Jordan Payeur

Deaths like John Dorie and his father are the saddest in Fear The Walking Dead, contributing to the lack of popularity for this once-great spin-off.

10 Saddest Deaths In Fear The Walking Dead (1)

Fear The Walking Dead will conclude this year with its eighth season. Though the show started out strong and captivated fans by revealing what it was like for people in the earliest days of the zombie outbreak, the show has decreased in popularity since season 3.

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The Walking Dead universe has introduced some fan-favorite characters in FTWD, including Alicia and Madison Clark. These enticing characters are why many people continue to watch the storyline despite the subpar writing and unimpressive character development. Viewers hope to see more of these beloved characters in later additions to the universe, but the many disappointing and saddening deaths in FTWD have prepared fans for the inevitable conclusion of this unimpressive storyline.



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10 Jake Otto

10 Saddest Deaths In Fear The Walking Dead (2)

Few major characters in FTWD have met their end due to The Walking Dead walkers, despite the franchise relying on the tension between the living and the dead. However, Jake Otto is one of the exceptions, dying due to a walker bite after a brawl with his brother Troy.

There was a lot of tension between Madison Clark's group and the leaders of the Broke Jaw Ranch in season 3, but Jake was the most likable member of the Otto family. He was a kind-hearted man that wanted to do what was best for his people, making his death heartbreaking.

9 Travis Manawa

10 Saddest Deaths In Fear The Walking Dead (3)

Travis Manawa had a troubled storyline, losing his ex-wife due to a walker bite and later his son, Chris. Though Travis is one of the few characters with unwavering compassion at the beginning, he begins a downhill spiral reminiscent of Rick's questionable morals in The Walking Dead.


Travis' likability had declined prior to his death, but that didn't make his demise any less sad. While in a helicopter with Alicia, he is shot and chooses to fall from the sky rather than risk the lives of others on board, making him a martyr and hero in his final moments. His death was clearly a plot device utilized to catapult Madison Clark into a leadership role.

8 Madison Clark

10 Saddest Deaths In Fear The Walking Dead (4)
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TWD universe is the pinnacle of zombie TV, but the franchise has failed to take risks in recent years. That was proven through the resurrection of Madison Clark in season 7 in FTWD, who had seemingly died protecting her people from a horde of walkers.

While Madison is actually alive, her initial "death" was one of the most shocking and memorable in the series. Though the character has changed since her sacrifice in season 4, she went out trying to protect her children. This was an honorable end to Madison's character, matching her established desire to always protect her children regardless of the risks and odds.

7 Liza Ortiz

10 Saddest Deaths In Fear The Walking Dead (5)

Liza Ortiz was the first casualty from the original group in season 1. She was portrayed as a dedicated mother with a fierce attitude and passion for helping others. Liza was also a valued member of the group, providing medical expertise due to her experience training as a nurse.

After being bitten, Liza relies on her ex-husband Travis to shoot her before she can turn. This was an admirable death and Liza was the first to make a sacrifice for the good of the other survivors. Her character didn't last long enough to be a fan favorite, though her demise served to create tension between Travis and his teenage son.

6 Ofelia Salazar

10 Saddest Deaths In Fear The Walking Dead (6)

Ofelia was another original survivor of the pilot. She suffered many losses, including her mother's demise and then believing her father died in the fire on the estate in Mexico. For the rest of her storyline, the father and daughter are separated without knowing the other is alive.

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By the time Ofelia learns her father is alive and has an opportunity to reunite with him, she has been bitten. While awaiting the reunion with her father, Ofelia succumbs to her infection and dies before saying her final goodbyes. This was a devastating end to Ofelia's arc and a point of tension throughout Daniel's storyline.

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5 Athena

10 Saddest Deaths In Fear The Walking Dead (7)

"In Dreams" is one of the most heartbreaking episodes in FTWD. While in labor, Grace dreams about her daughter Athena and believes that she will be the one to create peace for the survivors. The young girl is a vision of strength and intelligence, giving the audience a particularly positive future.

In reality, Grace gives birth to a stillborn daughter and realizes her dreams were not a vision of her final moments, but her child's. Despite Athena never actually being a character, her appearance as a willful, likable teenager made the death of Grace's infant exceptionally tragic.

4 Rachel

10 Saddest Deaths In Fear The Walking Dead (8)

Morgan Jones helps Rachel's husband get back to her before the birth of their daughter, urging her to honor the hero by naming their child after him. Following the evacuation of Valley Town, Rachel is injured and alone with her infant. She chooses to kill herself in a way that will ensure she reanimates, straps baby Morgan to her back, and tether herself to a dog to increase the odds of someone finding and saving her child.

Deaths like this make TWD universe controversial among viewers, but it is also one of the most inspirational ends to a character arc. This mother made the ultimate sacrifice to give her child the best odds, saving the baby who would go on to be cared for by Morgan and Grace.

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3 John Dorie Sr.

10 Saddest Deaths In Fear The Walking Dead (9)

John Dorie was introduced shortly after the death of his son, who was a beloved character. The man develops a close bond with his son's widow, June, and goes on to be a valued member of the group. He has one of the best conclusions in the show.

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John walks through a horde of walkers to bring baby Morgan to Morgan Jones. After being bitten, he walks back into the walkers to give the others time to escape. The man made up for his troubled past by fighting for others and making a great sacrifice to ensure the survival of those he loved.

2 Nick Clark

10 Saddest Deaths In Fear The Walking Dead (10)

Nick was a complicated character, but one that fans could really root for. He overcame great obstacles, struggling with his substance abuse and trying to find his place in the new world. After a long journey of self-reflection, Nick became a hero and inspiration.

Nick's storyline came to an end when Charlie found him—shortly after the loss of the villainous group that had kept her alive—and shot him. This was especially devastating since it shortly followed the death of Madison, leaving Alicia Clark without a family. This event in season 4 was one indication that FTWD jumped the shark and needed to end.

1 John Dorie

10 Saddest Deaths In Fear The Walking Dead (11)
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John Dorie was a beloved character introduced when Morgan Jones first appears in FTWD. He was a truly good person that wanted to do the right thing and struggled with staying alive when he thought he reached a point of no return.

After discovering Dakota killed a man, the girl shoots John, and he falls into a river. While he reemerged—suggesting he would fight to survive—he's later seen washing up on shore as a walker for his wife, June, to put down. His death felt particularly cruel and unjustifiable, outraging viewers who had already begun to dislike the arc of FTWD.

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10 Saddest Deaths In Fear The Walking Dead? ›

According to the research (via Undead Walking), as of the show's first 11 seasons, 1,808 human deaths have occurred on The Walking Dead. That averages out at 180 deaths a season, with a 12-per-episode spread.

What's the saddest death in The Walking Dead? ›

During its 11 seasons, countless characters and fan favorites die on-screen, several of which have left an indelible mark on pop culture history.
  1. 1 Glenn Rhee.
  2. 2 Carl Grimes. ...
  3. 3 Beth Greene. ...
  4. 4 Paul "Jesus" Rovia. ...
  5. 5 Hershel Greene. ...
  6. 6 Lori Grimes. ...
  7. 7 Sophia Peletier. ...
  8. 8 Siddiq. ...
May 3, 2023

Who all dies in Season 7 of fear the walking dead? ›

Fear the Walking Dead season 7 deaths
  • Will – Gus Halper.
  • Fred – Derek Richardson.
  • Rufus – Wyatt.
  • Kevin Larson – Aaron Spivey-Sorrells.
  • Kim Larson – Julia Barnett.
  • Briga Larson – Ella McCain.
  • Eli – Alex Skuby.
  • Paul – Warren Snipe.
Jun 12, 2022

How many people died in The Walking Dead? ›

According to the research (via Undead Walking), as of the show's first 11 seasons, 1,808 human deaths have occurred on The Walking Dead. That averages out at 180 deaths a season, with a 12-per-episode spread.

What happened to Travis fear the walking dead? ›

The Travis Fear the Walking Dead death scene is quite abrupt. In the episode “The New Frontier,” Travis is shot in the neck while he and Madison's daughter Alicia escape in a helicopter.

Why was Daryl so sad when Beth died? ›

Norman Reedus tells TVGuide.com that Daryl was also devastated to lose Beth, whom he had been searching for ever since she was kidnapped toward the end of Season 4. "Beth meant a lot to Daryl and I feel like she was, in his eyes, one of the only good people left in the world," Reedus says.

What is the most disturbing episode of The Walking Dead? ›

These are the 11 scariest moments from AMC's 'The Walking Dead'
  1. Dr. ...
  2. Rick and Hershel's standoff at the bar (Season 2, Episode 8) ...
  3. The Governor holds Glen and Maggie hostage (Season 3, Episode 7) ...
  4. Rick tears out a man's throat (Season 4, Episode 16) ...
  5. Noah's death (Season 5, Episode 14)
Nov 18, 2022

Who is the little girl Alicia keeps seeing? ›

Fear the Walking Dead confirmed that the little girl wanted to help Strand, who was still in the Tower. The girl then revealed herself as a younger Alicia, the part of her that Madison wanted Alicia to be -- someone who still believed in the goodness of people and helping them.

Who gets pregnant in fear the walking dead? ›

Vida is the first pregnant survivor encountered in Fear The Walking Dead.

Is Alicia Dying In Fear The Walking Dead? ›

Fear the Walking Dead, Alicia

In the back half of season 7, Alicia reveals her arm, complete with a prosthetic made with her own arm bones, to Morgan (Lennie James). So, while Alicia didn't die from her bite, she still battled some kind of infection. She believed the virus would eventually turn her into a walker.

Who was the first person Rick killed? ›

Dave is the first living character to be killed by Rick in the TV Series, in the apocalypse. He is also the first member of the Living to die, having been shot in the head by Rick.

Who has the most human kills on The Walking Dead? ›

Kill Counts
  • Rick Grimes (Comics) - 175 Kills.
  • Michonne Hawthorne (Comics) - 137 Kills.
  • Andrea Grimes (Comics) - 120 Kills.
  • The Governor (TV Show) - 79 Kills.
  • Samora Sinclair (Fear The Walking Dead: The Althea Tapes) - 59 Kills.
  • Shane Walsh (TV Show) - 58 Kills.
  • The Governor (Comics) - 44 Kills.

Who is the father of Rosita's baby? ›

When they return to Alexandria, Rosita joins the community in paying respects at Jesus' funeral. Meanwhile, Rosita is in a relationship with community doctor Siddiq (Avi Nash) and discovers that she is pregnant with his child.

Does Rick show in Fear the Walking Dead? ›

Rick Grimes was a minor character in the fourth season. He is portrayed by Andrew Lincoln. This page is based on the TWD wiki page for the same character.

What happened to the kids in Fear the Walking Dead? ›

The children and their families lived at Camp Cackleberry, converted into a haven for survivors after the outbreak.

Why was Travis killed off? ›

According to showrunner Dave Erickson, Travis needed to die in order to push Madison forward. He told Entertainment Weekly in 2017 that Travis' death was essential to shake the family into the realization that none of them are safe.

What mental illness does Daryl have? ›

Daryl Dixon goes through a quick but severe state of depression after finding his brother Merle as a walker and having to put him out of his misery.

What did Judith whisper to Daryl? ›

You deserve a happy ending, too,” Judith says to her Uncle Daryl, in one of the episode's many poignant moments.

What episode does Daryl cry? ›

'The Walking Dead' Season 5, episode 10 recap: When Daryl cries, everyone cries - cleveland.com.

Who was the worst villain in walking dead? ›

From the first minute he appeared on screens in Season 7, audiences knew that Negan would be the cruelest villain on The Walking Dead. Wielding Lucille, his trademark bat swanned in barbed wire, Negan violently murdered two beloved characters, Glenn and Abraham, breaking the hearts of long-time fans.

Who is the scariest villain in TWD? ›

Negan - Kill Count: 265

Negan is the best-known villain in TWD history, and despite his many wrongdoings, remains a fan-favorite character.

Who is the most feared in The Walking Dead? ›

TWD: 10 Most Dangerous Humans In The Comics, Ranked
  • 8 Beta.
  • 7 Maggie.
  • 6 Michonne.
  • 5 Andrea.
  • 4 Alpha.
  • 3 The Governor.
  • 2 Negan.
  • 1 Rick Grimes.
Nov 30, 2020

Who is the girl in the mask in Fear the Walking Dead? ›

Alicia Clark is a fictional character in the AMC television series Fear the Walking Dead, created by Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson. Portrayed by Alycia Debnam-Carey, Alicia is the daughter of Madison Clark, the former main protagonist.

What happened to Alicia at the end of Fear the Walking Dead? ›

Alicia's seventh season arc ends with her alone on a beach, having made the heroic choice to stay behind to avoid hurting others when she inevitably succumbs to the zombie bite that has plagued her throughout the season.

Who is the mysterious girl on Fear the Walking Dead? ›

Jeremiah Otto Jr. Alex was a major character in the second season. She was portrayed by Michelle Ang. She was also a major character in Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462.

Is Morgan in love with Grace? ›

Morgan loves Grace,” James told Decider definitively. “There's no question about that. The two most important living people for Morgan at this particular time are Grace and Baby Mo.”

What happened to Grace's baby in Fear the Walking Dead? ›

But Grace herself was nowhere to be seen, coming to accept that she would die in childbirth, but her daughter would go on to do great things. In reality, things went tragically differently. Grace survived, but the baby was stillborn.

What happens to Rachel's baby on fear the walking dead? ›

Knowing she wouldn't make it, she killed herself and allowed herself to reanimate. However, this was all part of her plan, as she had tied herself to Rufus and restrained her mouth so she couldn't bite Mo. Her walker self managed to carry the baby to Morgan and Grace who eventually became Mo's adoptive parents.

Is Alicia immune to the zombie virus? ›

Although she stops short of a full confirmation, Jenna Elfman's June states that Alicia and her entire family could possess natural immunity to the zombie virus.

Is Madison Clark dead? ›

Madison Clark is portrayed by Kim Dickens. In season 4's mid-season finale, it looks likes Madison Clark is killed. Years later, in season 7, it became known after years that she is still alive.

Why did Alicia leave fear? ›

Debnam-Carey, who first boarded the show at 21-years-old and appeared in over 100 episodes, explained that the split was amicable, citing a personal desire "to move on as an actor and as a person. As is the nature of our jobs I needed to seek out new challenges, new opportunities and carve out a new chapter for myself.

Who is the first zombie Rick sees? ›

Backing away in fear and revulsion, Rick draws his service revolver and shoots her—literally blowing her out of her bunny slippers. Addy Miller has the distinction of being the very First Walker(as the show refers to zombies) in the long-running The Walking Dead franchise.

Is anyone immune in The Walking Dead? ›

Nobody In The Walking Dead Is Immune To The Virus

They don't even need to be bitten or infected. Death means turning. Robert Kirkman revealed that there is no way an idea of immunity could ever come into his world, saying, "No, that would be terrible.

Who killed Rick's original family? ›

As Rick explains to Morty in the premiere, "Solaricks," Morty's original grandpa Rick was actually the one that killed C-137 Rick's family.

Who is the weakest from The Walking Dead? ›

Telltale's The Walking Dead: 5 Of The Strongest Characters (& 5 Weakest)
  • 9 WEAKEST: Ben. ...
  • 8 STRONGEST: Clementine. ...
  • 7 WEAKEST: Sarah. ...
  • 6 STRONGEST: Carley. ...
  • 5 WEAKEST: Kate. ...
  • 4 STRONGEST: Kenny. ...
  • 3 WEAKEST: Tennessee. ...
  • 2 STRONGEST: Christa.
Mar 29, 2020

Who is the most loved person in The Walking Dead? ›

10 Biggest Fan-Favorite Walking Dead Characters, Ranked
  • 3 Fans Rooted For Daryl.
  • 4 Fans Loved To Hate Negan. ...
  • 5 Judith Had Rick And Michonne's Best Traits. ...
  • 6 Rick Has Much More Story To Tell. ...
  • 7 Michonne Will Feature In A Spin-Off With Rick. ...
  • 8 Morgan Was Rick's Trusted Ally. ...
  • 9 Hershel Was Sweet And Kind. ...
  • 10 Eugene Was Beloved. ...
Dec 16, 2022

Who does Eugene end up with? ›

In the aftermath, Eugene confesses his love for Rosita and is at her bedside as she dies. A year later, Eugene continues to reside in the Commonwealth which is now led by Ezekiel. During this time, Eugene has married Max and they have had a daughter named Rosie together.

How did Rosita get pregnant? ›

As revealed during episode 909, Rosita and Siddiq had a series of hookups during the time jump that resulted in the conception of this baby.

Who does Eugene have a baby with? ›

The Walking Dead on Twitter: "Max and Eugene have a baby named after Rosita! That warms the heart.

Who was Rick before apocalypse? ›

Before the zombie apocalypse, Rick was a police officer in the small town of Cynthiana, Kentucky. While in a shootout against an escaped convict with his partner and best friend, Shane Walsh, Rick is wounded and subsequently awakens from a coma some time later.

Does Daryl appear in Fear the Walking Dead? ›

Fear the Walking Dead (TV Series 2015–2023) - Daryl Mitchell as Wendell - IMDb.

Is there a time jump in Fear the Walking Dead season 8? ›

Fear the Walking Dead began its eighth and final season in jarring fashion. After a scene picking up where season 7 left off with Morgan (Lennie James) and Madison (Kim Dickens) infiltrating PADRE, we then jumped seven years into the future, where suddenly everyone was named after birds.

Why did Ofelia leave the hotel? ›

You see in Episode 12 that she ventures off on her own to see what she could find. I think she either wants to close that chapter in her life or to see what she can find out about herself so that she's not haunted by that concept.

Whose baby is Momo on Fear the Walking Dead? ›

Morgan, nicknamed Mo, also known as Wren in PADRE, is the current tritagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. She is the daughter of Rachel and Isaac.

What happened to Ofelia in Fear the Walking Dead? ›

Ofelia died in Season 3 after being bitten on her side, and she and her father never spoke after the show's second season. But Daniel wandering off to find his child leads him, Luciana and Wes to be captured by Arno (Spenser Granese) and his people.

Was Travis shot or bit? ›

Travis – who was secretly bitten before this – decides to jump out of the helicopter rather than put the other survivors in danger. Travis's death was a turning point for Fear The Walking Dead and proved the show wasn't afraid to take risks.

Who shot at the helicopter in Fear the Walking Dead? ›

"You only just got here," a mysterious man says as he approaches them. Madison, Troy and the others are surrounded by a group of Native Americans who are there to defend their land. Led by a man named Qaletaqa Walker, they're the ones responsible for shooting down the helicopter and killing Travis.

What happened to Daniel Salazar? ›

After having been forcefully separated from his beloved Skidmark, Daniel appears to have developed dementia and works as a barber for the Pioneers.

Does Daryl ever cry? ›

After the Savior leaves, not finding them, Maggie gently confronts Daryl about avoiding her. She tells him that he hasn't said a word to her since he's been back and asks him to look at her. Daryl does, but breaks. Overcome with guilt he cries and apologizes to her.

Was Daryl asexual? ›

Though Daryl's sexuality was never commented on in the show up to that point, "TWD" comic creator Robert Kirkman said in 2014 that the character was "somewhat asexual on the show."

Who is Daryl in love with? ›

Leah is the closest Daryl has ever come to a relationship.

Who is Rick Grimes biggest enemy? ›

Negan. Though Rick faced many enemies over the course of his nine seasons on the series, none of his rivalries were so iconic as with the Savior leader himself, Negan.

Who is the coward in The Walking Dead? ›

Gregory, as he appears in the comic book series (left) and as portrayed by Xander Berkeley in the television series (right). In both media, Gregory is introduced as the cowardly leader of The Hilltop who submits to Negan and the tyranny of the Saviors.

Who is the main Walking Dead character? ›

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln)

A natural leader, Rick often took charge and made the hard decisions when no one else would. Countless people owe their lives to him, although his willingness to help strangers waned over time, as he often ran into people with evil intentions, like Negan and the Saviors.

Who is immune to The Walking Dead? ›

Fear The Walking Dead: Morgan's Zombie Immunity Explained - IMDb. Fear the Walking Dead showrunner Andrew Chambliss explained Morgan was immune in The Walking Dead because of luck. Since his introduction in the first episode of The Walking Dead, Lennie James' Morgan has had quite the journey.

Who has the most human kills in The Walking Dead? ›

Kill Counts
  • Rick Grimes (Comics) - 175.
  • Michonne Hawthorne (Comics) - 137.
  • Andrea Grimes (Comics) - 120.
  • The Governor (TV Show) - 79.
  • Samora Sinclair (Fear The Walking Dead: The Althea Tapes) - 59.
  • Shane Walsh (TV Show) - 58.
  • The Governor (Comics) - 44.
  • Theodore "T-Dog" Douglas (TV Show) - 39.

Who is the best at killing walkers in walking dead? ›

RICK. The man himself, Rick Grimes, is the most efficient and effective slayer of zombies in The Walking Dead Universe. He may have "died-ish" on the show, but he's the central figure in the comics, which means he has no problems taking out the occasional walker.


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